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  2.4 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. According to the  Centers for Disease Control & Injury Prevention, the leading causes of TBI are: • Falls (35.2%) • Motor vehicle-traffic crashes (17.3%) • Struck by/against events (16.5%) • Assaults (10%) Lifetime Cost of Brain Injury The average cost for a 20 […]

Whistleblower Protection

If you have wondered if Whistleblower Protection is available to you while working within a private company, the answer is yes. Private-company employees who allege they are retaliated against for reporting certain kinds of suspected wrongdoing can potentially bring valid claims against their employer. In the wake of the ruling by the Supreme Court earlier […]

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Unique Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., has announced a voluntary nationwide recall of all sterile drug preparations associated with the outsourcing facility and that have not reached the expiration date listed on the products. Unique is initiating the recall due to FDA’s concerns associated with Unique’s compounding facilities and compounding processes. The FDA contends they present a lack […]


In 2004 lawmakers tightened Drunk Driving laws.  Using a high profile DUI case they set out to make a difference and to reduce this occurrence.  A bipartisan group drafted more than 70 bills seeking to stiffen penalties and enacted a near-zero-tolerance for repeat offenders. Key provisions of the 2004 Virginia drunken driving laws that were driven […]


  Dr. Samad Oraee, 53 of Mclean, Virginia was arrested on Tuesday, July 15 at his practice on Old Bridge Road in Woodbridge.  Uniformed officers and masked undercover detectives entered the Neurological Center of Northern Virginia and arrested Dr. Samad Oraee for allegedly helping to get narcotics onto the streets of Prince William County. Dr. […]

Virignia motorcycle injury lawyer

A motorcycle driver who was injured when he was hit by an SUV that turned into his lane will get another chance to win damages from the crash after a majority in the Virginia Supreme Court rejected a jury instruction on contributory negligence, reports Virginia Lawyers Weekly. The court found that it takes a little […]

Doctor suspended for prescription drug abuse

A family physician and pain management doctor in Newport News, VA has had his license suspended by the Virginia Board of Medicine for complaints about alleged prescription abuses, reports the Daily Press. Doctor Roger M. Phillips placed a note on the door of his practice, Prime Care Family Medicine in Oyster Point, on Feb. 20 […]

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Were you or a loved one injured or even killed due to a faulty ignition switch in a GM vehicle? More than 13 people have lost their lives due to these faulty ignition switches, and countless more have been injured. If this is the case for you or a loved one, contact The Parrish Law […]

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Novant faces lawsuit from employees

A new lawsuit filed by current and former employees of Novant Health argues that the company’s bad investments and needlessly high fees have collectively lost them millions from their retirement plans, reports According to the lawsuit, about 25,000 people belong to Novant’s retirement plan, which has about $1.2 billion in assets. With numbers like […]

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