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If you or a family member was harmed in an accident involving a grocery store delivery driver, a Vienna grocery delivery car accident lawyer could help you. After suffering injuries or other losses because of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation.

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How You Can Rely on a Lawyer

Your legal team can help you with the bulk of your case. There are many things that you do not have to take on alone after an accident, including gathering all forms of evidence that could support your claim for compensation. This can take some time and can involve some creativity. Your energy could be devoted to recovering from your injuries and spending time with your loved ones.

Let us look for the following sources of evidence on your behalf:

  • Photos and video of the accident, your injuries, and any damage to your vehicle
  • An accident or police report
  • Your medical documentation
  • The liable party’s driving record

We can also speak to the insurance company for you. It can be intimidating to have to argue for compensation on your own and to prove that you deserve recompense, especially if you do not know what the insurance company is looking for. That is why we can do this for you.

We will also empower you to make decisions regarding your case by informing you of your rights and protecting your rights. For instance, there are time limits on legal cases. In Virginia, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit, according to Code of Virginia § 8.01-243. We can file all paperwork in time and ensure that you meet all relevant deadlines.

Ways Negligence Could Have Caused Your Accident

Some people think that accidents can only happen because a driver was not paying attention. However, every car accident is unique and can include multiple factors that lead to injury. Some of those are listed below.

Reckless Driving

This can include aggressive driving, including swerving in and out of lanes, tailgating, trying to run you off the road, and more. Every driver owes others a duty of care while on the road. If someone does not take other vehicle operators or pedestrians into consideration when driving, they could be liable for the harm they cause.

Distracted Driving

Texting, playing with the radio, or trying to use the GPS to get to a destination or find another customer can all cause accidents. If we find proof that the other driver in your accident was distracted, that can help your case.

Even if you were not in your vehicle at the time of the accident, you could seek compensation from the liable parties. Such a situation might involve a driver that rear-ended your parked vehicle while they were delivering groceries to you or a neighbor.

Compensable Losses in a Grocery Store Delivery Car Accident Case

If you suffered an injury in your accident, you might be dealing with many different kinds of bills and expenses. Your Vienna grocery delivery car accident lawyer can help you fight for financial recovery for your losses. This can involve medical costs, like:

  • An ambulance ride
  • Hospital visits
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling or psychological therapy
  • Crutches, braces, or a wheelchair

Not all accidents result in debilitating injuries. You might have only walked away with a few bruises and scrapes. This does not mean that you cannot receive a financial award. You may be able to pursue a claim that includes your “pain and suffering” and inconvenience, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life, if applicable.

If you are out of work at all due to your accident, you could seek to recover your lost wages, benefits, bonuses, and tips. If you cannot return to your job and have to take one that pays you less because of immobility or other limitations caused by your accident injuries, you could be entitled to future loss of earning capacity.

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What to Do After an Accident

There are things that you can do after an accident to preserve your right to seek compensation. This can include seeing a medical professional for a diagnosis and keeping extensive records regarding your injuries. Doing these things is important because you need a record of your injuries to show the insurance company in order to collect compensation. You cannot just say that you are injured and expect the insurers to believe you.

Consider retaining a lawyer. Filing an insurance claim or lawsuit can entail many complexities. Our team is familiar with all of the elements involved in seeking a settlement.

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