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Do I have to repay my health insurance company for the treatment they paid for?

Do I have to repay my health insurance company for the treatment they paid for?

The answer is mixed. In Virginia, there is a law that prevents health insurance companies from recovering monies they’ve paid for doctors to treat you for injuries related to an accident. However, there’s also federal law, which trumps our state law, which can allow health insurance companies to reclaim or be repaid for expenses that they’ve paid the doctors on your behalf. It seems very unfair to me, after all, you pay for a premium for your health insurance. Doesn’t seem fair you have to repay them for what you already paid for. So its a tricky area of the law and before ever repaying a health insurance company, you need to make sure that you have a qualified attorney review the documents that the health insurance is claiming, leaves them entitled to be repaid. I hope that’s information that’s helpful.

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