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Hana E – Motor Vehicle Accident

I had a difficult case where the other parties insurance wouldn't give me a penny after my accident! I was under a lot of stress, and so I hired Mr. Parrish to help with my case. At the first meeting I met up with Stephanie Ayala (the case manager) who explained very clearly what I should do on my part, and what Parrish Law Firm will do on their part. James Parrish and Stephanie kept me updated every single step of the way. James Parrish treated me as though I were his only client, and was very responsive to my calls and emails. Parrish is very easy to talk to, honest, kind, understanding, persistent, and was very dedicated to my case. He's a MASTER NEGOTIATOR and was able to settle my case with the other insurance company! Parrish exceeded all my expectations! I'm glad to have hired Parrish to take on my case and will absolutely refer him to anyone I know who needs a lawyer.

Destiny J – Motor Vehicle Accident

I was recommended to Mr. Parrish by my grandmother when I got into my car accident in the beginning of this year. I was having problems with the other parties insurance company, going back and forth between adjusters, and dealing with my medical bills as well. While speaking to the insurance adjuster I told him that I would need to go back to the doctor considering I was still in pain from the accident at which point he told me that the insurance company is not responsible for paying my medical bills and offered me less than half of what I already owed for my portion of my medical bills! I immediately contacted Mr. Parrish and told him my story and he stepped in right away. I had been dealing with the insurance company for almost 2 and a half months and Mr. Parrish resolved all matters within a couple of days. Mr. Parrish made sure that all my medical bills were taken care of AND the time I had missed from work was compensated for. I am MORE than satisfied with the services and help that he has provided. I will definitely be recommending Mr. Parrish to all of my friends and family.

N Davis 

I was referred to Jim Parrish by another attorney who described him as being very effective. After speaking with Mr. Parrish, I found him to be more than simply "very effective" but extremely knowledgeable, with an ability to quickly assess a matter and make a recommendation. He will take the time to review a case and even make recommendations upon which you can act, without charging at his normal billable rate. I think the thing I appreciated most was his prompt and personal response to phone calls and emails. I felt like I was his only client. This in my opinion is a rare combination of qualities in a busy law firm. I have him in my contacts list.

Ed N – Dog Bite

I was faced with a very traumatic experience after being attacked by a dog. I spent most of my time trying to find the right personal injury attorney to handle my case. I first gave the case to a law firm but never got the opportunity to meet or speak to the attorney. I guess he must have been a pretty attorney or my case was too small for him. I decide to do more research on the Internet and came across “The Comprehensive Guide to Dog Bite Claims in Virginia: by James R. Parrish”. After reading it, I was convinced this was the attorney to handle my case. My first call to the firm was answered by Mr. James R. Parrish himself at his extension. He invited me to his office and explained everything regarding my case to me in detail. After that, all corresponding emails or phone calls from me were answered with an instant replies form either Mr. Parrish or Stephanie the case manager. The case was handled in such a professional and timely manner that not only did I receive what the case was worth but also the settlement was faster than anticipated. I will highly recommend the Parrish Law Firm to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney. This firm eliminates all doubts and gets the job done.

Terrel G – Personal Injury

I recently contacted Mr. James Parrish's law firm for a consultation about a personal Injury I recently suffered. Mr. Parrish was very responsive in contacting me back and provided excellent legal advice for my situation free of charge! Mr. Parrish came across as very knowledgable on legal issues and very honest. If anyone needs a personal injury lawyer in the DC metro area, I highly recommend contacting Mr. Parrish for a consultation!

Alice V. – Motor Vehicle Accident

After an accident where I was physically hit by a car, I needed help to settle a claim with the insurance company. After a year of trying to battle this on my own, James Parrish was able to settle the case and give me what I was entitled to after such a physically and emotionally traumatizing accident. I wish I had not wasted all my time and gone straight to him! He was extremely helpful and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I definitely recommend James Parrish.

Alexander R. – Motor Vehicle Accident/Closed Head Injury – Litigation

Mr. Parrish did a superb job throughout the litigation process. He was informative in every step of the way and prompt with responses to questions. Through the two year process his firm did all of the work necessary to bring my case to a suitable conclusion. His firm is very courteous, knowledgeable and I would highly recommend Parrish Law Firm, PLLC to anyone looking for help.

Wayne M. – Motor Vehicle Accident

Outstanding!! I have never used an attorney for anything this was my first time I found him to be very professional, polite, and kept me well informed throughout my case and I was very pleased with the outcome. Thank you Mr. Parrish for all your hard work.

AV, Litigation – Pedestrian Accident

After an accident where I was physically hit by a car, I needed help to settle a claim with the insurance company. After a year of trying to battle this on my own, James Parrish was able to settle the case and give me what I was entitled to after such a physically and emotionally traumatizing accident. I wish I had not wasted all my time and gone straight to him! He was extremely helpful and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I definitely recommend James Parrish.

Sabrina – I Would Highly Recommend Hiring Him – Litigation/Malpractice Suit

I contacted several local attorney’s in the Northern VA after my doctor was negligent in prescribing medication to me that I was allergic to. Since I was very fortunate and did not suffer extensive damage or injury, or even death from this malpractice incident, it caused me enough pain and suffering not to mention time lost from work and co-pays, that I felt like the doctor should be held accountable. All of the attorneys responded that they would. To take my case because it was not big enough. All I can say is when you are the one going through it is EVERYTHING and consumes you wanting to get justice. Attorney Parrish responded that he would like to talk to me and after telling him my story, he said he would take the case. He was wonderful to talk to, very understanding, sympathetic, and seemed genuinely concerned, not your typical characteristics in most lawyers! He explained in detail how the process would work, what his fees were, and set clear expectations of what the possible outcome would be. He and his staff kept me apprised every step of the way, asking me what I would like to consent to when it came time for settlement, not just telling me what he wanted to consent to. I would highly recommend hiring him for any areas of law that he practices in.

LRN – Thank You So Much For Representing Me – Automobile Accident Case

Mr. Parrish, thank you so much for representing me. You were professional, efficient and definitely exceeded my expectations. Your staff kept me informed every step of the way. Everyone was friendly and responsive to my inquiries. Your knowledge of the law was very impressive. I’m so glad I had you on my side and would highly recommend your firm to everyone. Thank you!

Shanale – Very Satisfied – Auto Accident Injury Case

Very trustworthy, will go above and beyond to make sure you get all that is owed to you, plus more. Always kept me updated with the process and steps. Didn’t break any promises made!

Touria – I Highly Recommend Parrish Law Firm – Car Accident Case

Parrish Law Firm, PLLC helped me put things back together after a traumatic auto accident. Jim Parrish is sharp, compassionate and really cares. He takes your case seriously and is very attentive. His entire staff is top notch as well. I was very fortunate to work with Stephanie Ayala as my case manager. She was amazing and also very reassuring. My emails and phone calls were always answered promptly. I was never left guessing as to what was happening. I know Stephanie really cared about me. I highly recommend this law firm.

Nassim – Look No Further! – Automobile Accident Case

Mr. Parrish managed to settle my personal injury case regarding a car accident in an amicable fashion and I am very pleased with the results. His fees were charged on contingency basis and were very reasonable, also he kept me updated regularly about the case status and clearly explained the process from day one. I found Mr. Parrish on Avvo, to me, the overall quality of his service is simply above and beyond, I would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Maritza, Personal Injury – Insurance Claim

I was referred to Mr. Parrish by a former attorney of mine. I needed help to settle a claim with an insurance company. Mr. Parrish took my case immediately and started working on it to make sure I got what was fair. He was able to obtain 10 times more of what I could have obtained on my own. I am very please with his service and recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good lawyer to settle an injury case. He also provided me with information as to how I could obtain more money for my injuries. Without his advice, I wouldn’t have known all the money I could have been losing. He and his staff were always responsive to any questions I had and stayed on top of my case. I’m very pleased with his service. Thank you!

Name Withheld

Mr. Parrish worked very efficiently and timely on my case. His professionalism and concern in regards to my case exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Mr. Parrish and his firm for legal services.

Name Withheld

Jim Parrish and his staff are outstanding! Jim handled my case in a very professional manner. He was always reachable and responsive to all my questions and concerns. Throughout the entire case, Jim was able to reassure me of my situation. Jim demonstrated his technical expertise and was able to provide me with a very favorable outcome. I would highly recommend Jim Parrish.

Daniel, Injury Client

Jim Parrish‘s knowledge of the law, depth of experience, and a natural skill of assessing a situation and devising a strategy for success is impressive. He and his staff kept me well informed throughout a rather long proceeding, and impressed me favorably with their skill in advising me and explaining the law and their strategy in a way that a non-lawyer could understand. I strongly recommend this attorney and Parrish Law Firm, PLLC.

Name Withheld

I’m so glad that I had Parrish on my side to help me through this. He was great to work with, easy, and most of all understanding. I really enjoyed working with him and his team and if the circumstances arise to where I need to obtain his services again, I most certainly would.

S.H. – McLean, VA

Dear Mr. Parrish, I am writing to thank you for representing me in the above case. All that remains, therefore, is this individual expression of gratitude.It was obvious that you put forth your best effort on my behalf. You were both adroit and adept, and you maintained a distinguished composure and command that was reassuring to me as your client. Of even more comfort, however, was your gentle kindness and patience. The first qualities I mentioned make you a ***** attorney. Your compassion and forbearance make you a better man. And, for that, I thank you.

Michael A. Schafer, Attorney-at-Law

Jim Parrish has written the book every Virginia accident victim MUST read. Jim’s unique perspective as a former insurance company attorney who is now representing accident victims gives you information that you need if you have been in an accident. Michael A. Schafer, Attorney-at-Law, The Schafer Law Office, Kentucky Car Accident Attorney

L.P. – Bristow, VA

Dear Jim, You are a ******* worker! I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate it. Best Wishes to your and your family.

H.W. – Rockville, MD

Thank you so much! You’re awesome!!

C.R. – Woodbridge, VA

Hi Mr Parrish, I wanted to shoot you an email saying THANK YOU again for everything. Keep up the wonderful work!!

E.G. – Dumfries, VA

Jim, Good evening. Hope you had a great holiday season. I just want to let you know we received the payment. I actually was not expecting such a great surprise. I am very thankful and appreciate very much all of your time and efforts. I will definitively recommend you to anyone who is looking for a great lawyer. Again thank you.

A.G. – Woodbridge, VA

Dear Jim Parrish: It was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for your support and your professional services that were *********** in my case. I will definitely keep you in mind for the future and be sure that if anybody needs legal help, I will be recommending your professional services!

V/R D.C. – Springfield, VA

Hello Mr. Parrish, Thank you very much! You guys do ********* work and I am glad that I hired your firm. Once again, thanks.

A.S. – Herndon, VA

Thanks Jim! This definitely reduces my financial stress. I am absolutely pleased with the services your firm has provided and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my family and friends.

McLean, VA

Mr. Parrish, your legal services in my defense were invaluable and we are very grateful that you agreed to act as my counsel. I am very pleased with the final result.

E.R. – Harrisonburg, VA

Mr. Parrish, It was a pleasure dealing with you from our very first conversation. You were always friendly, truthful, responsive and so helpful …and as we learned first hand, so very good at what you do. Thanks to your ****** counsel and good fortune–due to many prayers, we believe, things turned out very well. We are very grateful for your services and did not wantto miss the opportunity to thank you again.

T.G. – Virginia

Dear Parrish Law Firm Team, Thank you for doing an *********** job in representing me in my case. I am very happy with both the result and your service. Best wishes for the New Year.

Fredericksburg, VA

Mr. Parrish exceeded my expectations and kept me assured throughout my ordeal. I could never have expected a more favorable outcome from his representation, and I will certainly recommend him to anyone I know.

M.P. – Woodbridge, VA

Awesome – thank you guys very much, I’m very pleased!

M.B. – Manassas, VA

Thank you very much! You have no idea what a relief this is. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

K.S. – Charlottesville, VA

Dear Mr. Parrish, Thank you so much for YOUR diligence. I really appreciate you handling my case in Madison County. It was an excellent decision to reach out to you again. As soon as I knew that you would be representing me, I instantly felt relieved. The result of the case was ******* and I can not express how grateful I am!! Once again thank you so so much!!

T.O. – Tennessee

I am SOOOO pleased! Thank you very much for all you have done for me. I appreciate your support and your time and efforts in this case. Again, Thank you for all you have done.

C. – Virginia

Always courteous and responsive to what ever questions I have to ask and responds back in a timely manner to messages left for him. Mr. Parrish has always spoken to me and my family like a friend. I have found that Mr. Parrish is not afraid to make a comment about you and your case when the need arrives that could better you.

R.M., New York

I cannot thank you enough. This is truly a ***** result.

Nikki – Virginia

Jim, Thank you again for representing me, I really appreciate your time and help :) I definitely needed a lawyer!! I couldn’t have done it without you. You are so good at what you do and you have such a professional business with the folders and email contact and reminders etc., It’s no wonder you are doing so well and your business is thriving. I am so happy for you and the whole family!

S.M., Northern VA

Dear Mr. Parrish, Thank you so much for keeping me updated on the communications with the insurance company and closing the case. I am very pleased with your hard work, your constant contact with me, and most of all with these wonderful results, certainly a relief indeed! I am very grateful to you and your firm. I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well and will enjoy a lovely Spring. Please let me know if you need or receive any further information. Take care, S.M., Northern VA.

Craig, Fairfax, VA

Mr. Parrish was great! He listened to me at all times and thoroughly investigated the facts of my automobile accident. Also, he refused to accept the false story of the other driver (as well as his insurance company) and won my case at trial. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a car accident lawyer in Virginia.

R.B., Delaware

Mr. Parrish – you and your entire staff are wonderful! Everyone treated me so warm and extended themselves beyond belief, especially Laura and Ms. Dupray, who was most professional, competent and compassionate in Court. Things were very rough for me right now, so your collective acts of warmth and kindness mean the world to me. Thank you!

Name Withheld

James Parrish and the office staff of Parrish Law Firm, PLLC took the time to explain things to me throughout the life of my case. I always felt as though I was kept up to date with the status of my situation and my questions were always answered in a timely fashion. I highly recommend Parrish Law Firm, PLLC to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer in Virginia.

(Name Withheld) National Account Executive

Jim’s ***** advice and counsel allowed for a negotiated settlement of unpaid compensation from my former employer. Jim had a thorough understanding of my complaint, reviewed my company’s compensation plan and researched applicable state and federal law. With the information at hand, an initial claim was filed. Negotiations ensued and within a reasonable amount of time a draft settlement was proposed. Additional negotiations to the draft were concluded rapidly and a check was issued within two weeks of agreement. Jim took a strong position with this claim and produced satisfactory results. Opposing counsel commended him for his advocacy. A lousy situation was rectified. Many thanks.

B.R., Stafford, VA

Dear Mr. Parrish and Team, I want to thank each and every one of you. You have no idea how much you have helped me, my family, and my career. Please spread my appreciation to every member of your team.

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