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Here's Proof of Our Success: Millions Recovered in Manassas Injury Damages

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The following cases highlight unique aspects of our practice’s skill set. Using the experience I developed while working for some of the insurance giants, I was able to leverage my learned strategies and earn outstanding results, which have amounted in over $20 million in settlements in the last few years.

Here are some results of cases handled by me, James Parrish:

Note: All case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case and past case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case undertaken by the Parrish Law Firm.


$5 Million Dollar Judgment in Bizarre Injury Case

  • While the details of the trauma experienced by our corporate executive female client are too personal to publicize, we were honored to have been able to obtain justice for her in the Fairfax County Circuit Court.


$5 Million Truck Crash Wrongful Death Settlement

  • Through a great deal of hard work and years of litigation, the Parrish Law Firm secured a $5,000,000 wrongful death settlement for the family.
  • Big trucks can take life instantly and we will continue to help families who lose loved ones in these unnecessary and avoidable collisions.


$1.4 Million Dollar Wrongful Death Settlement from Head-On Collision

  • As our practice continues to expand to other states, we seized the opportunity to find justice for a young man, who lost his family members in a deadly accident in Georgia.
  • An elderly man drove the wrong way on a highway and slammed head-on into our client’s family’s vehicle, killing everyone involved.
  • While nothing could ever heal the pain of our client’s losses, with the assistance of co-counsel in Georgia, we were able to obtain all of the available insurance from the wrongdoer’s Florida policies and our client’s Virginia automobile insurance. The total settlement obtained amounted in $1,400,000.00.


$1 Million Settlement for Grandmother Struck Head-On by Commercial Truck

  • This horrible crash occurred on a windy, two lane road in rural Fauquier County.
  • Our client, and grandmother to several, was on her way home when a commercial truck illegally left his lane of travel, slammed head-on into our client, and pushed her off the road.
  • She had to be airlifted from the scene and suffered numerous orthopedic issues (broken bones and torn ligaments), as well as many other forms of damage
  • After a hard fought lawsuit, we were able to secure our client the full amount of insurance available to her from the other side, which amounted to $1,000,000.


$1 Million Wrongful Death Settlement from Tractor-Trailer Collision

  • Though the terms of this wrongful death settlement are confidential, we can say we were able to obtain all insurance funds available for the family who suffered this senseless loss.


$975,000 Settlement for Young Man Injured in Motorcycle Crash

  • The accident occurred in Haymarket, Virginia and was the fault of an inattentive automobile driver, who blindly turned left in front of the young man on the motorcycle.
  • The insurance company for the at-fault driver attempted to take advantage of the injured motorcyclist by blaming him for the collision.
  • After filing a lawsuit and hiring premier expert witnesses to support the injured motorcyclist’s claim, the insurance company agreed to settle the case for $975,000.00.


Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Paid by Pharmaceutical Company

  • While the exact terms of this resolution are confidential, a huge pharmaceutical company settled our client’s claim arising from use of a “bad drug” that was pulled from the market due to its unsafe nature.
  • The drug company flew its chief negotiator to Washington, D.C., to settle this case with our office, and we were humbled to achieve this outcome for our deserving client.


$700,000 Wrongful Death Settlement Against Tractor-Trailer Driver

  • We represented the mother of a young woman, who was tragically killed in an accident with a tractor- trailer in Stafford County, Virginia.
  • The Virginia State Police investigated the accident and found that the truck driver was not at fault. The insurer of the truck driver latched on to law enforcement’s conclusion, denied any responsibility, and blamed our client’s deceased daughter for the crash.
  • The Parrish Law Firm’s review of the facts indicated otherwise. We found the truck driver to be inattentive and not in proper control of his vehicle. So, we filed suit against the driver and his employer and began to aggressively prosecute the claim. Shortly thereafter, the insurance company changed its position and began negotiations.
  • The Parrish Law Firm was able to obtain a settlement, which amounted to $700,000.00 to their client.


Prominent Washington, D.C. Lawyer Hires James Parrish to Prosecute Drunk Driving Injury Case, which Settled for Nearly $500,000

  • James R. Parrish was enlisted by a prominent trial attorney in Washington, D.C., to jointly represent a very badly injured young man (“the client”), who had been in a serious accident caused by a drunk driver.
  • Following the accident, the client was unable to run his small business and nearly lost everything. The opposing insurance companies tried every “trick in the book” to avoid paying the client the compensation he deserved.
  • Due to the complexity of the issues involved in the case, the parties agreed to mediate the matter with the assistance of a retired, former-Chief Judge of a local Circuit Court.
  • During the mediation, Mr. Parrish effectively countered the insurance companies’ strategies and convinced them to resolve the case for nearly $500,000.00.
  • Prior to Mr. Parrish’s involvement in the case, the insurance companies had refused to offer the client anything greater than $50,000.


$500,000 to Woman Struck by Driver of Company Truck

  • Our client was struck head-on by a company truck and eventually needed cervical spine (neck) surgery.
  • What made this case compelling and challenging was that the victim (our client) had been to see a chiropractor in the month before the crash with complaints of neck pain and arm numbness.
  • She offered similar issues to her medical providers after the accident and surgery quickly followed.
  • Ordinarily, such similar complaints so close to the accident would be a huge impediment to settlement as the adverse insurer would claim the injury pre-existed the accident at issue.
  • However, voluntarily disclosing the pre-accident chiropractic care coupled with strong expert opinions from our client’s surgeon, we defeated those arguments.
  • We took great pride in receiving $500,000.00 for a very nice and deserving lady.


United States Marine Attacked By Pit Bull – $300,000 Settlement

  • On October 12, 2014, our client, a retired United States Marine, was walking on a public sidewalk in Woodbridge, VA, when a pit bull attacked him without provocation.
  • The legal investigation determined that the dog jumped at our client’s face, latched on to his right arm and dragged him more than 20 yards, resulting in permanent nerve damage to his right arm and hand.
  • I discovered that this pit bull had a history of aggressive behavior before this attack had occurred.
  • Representatives of the insurance company for the dog owner attempted to blame our client for the attack.
  • After applying significant pressure to the insurance company, they quickly crumbled. Finally, the company accepted liability, and as a result of my diligence, a $300,000.00 settlement, which was the maximum recoverable under the homeowner’s insurance policy (or “policy limit”), was reached without having to file a lawsuit.


$250,000 Awarded at Trial for Slip and Fall Victim

  • Our client left her apartment while going down the stairs she slipped on a step, fell several feet and landed on her knee. After her fall she noticed that the steps were wet from mopping; however, no warning signs were present. She then began yelling for help. As she looked down the stairwell, she saw a maintenance person mopping the floors.
  • This maintenance person approached our client and our client asked her why she had not placed “wet floor” signs in front of the stairs. The maintenance person refused to answer and ran away.
  • The client eventually obtained medical assistance, underwent emergency surgery and spent a great deal of time in a painful rehabilitation process.
  • When the maintenance company was contacted, it responded with a denial of all fault and even produced suspicious records, which allegedly indicated that its workers were not even on the property on the day of the client’s fall.
  • Ultimately, after presentation of evidence in support of the client’s case, a judgment was entered against the maintenance company, which totaled more than $250,000.00!


Several Hundred Thousand Dollars Paid to Sexual Assault Victim

  • A young woman (“the victim”) and her family came to James Parrish after being sexually assaulted by a co- worker, while on the job. Her injuries were far too personal to list.
  • When we first approached the victim’s employer to discuss appropriate compensation, the matter was immediately referred to his insurance company.
  • The insurance adjuster promptly hired one of the largest law firms in the world (more than 700 lawyers!) to defend the employer and told us “that the company had done nothing wrong and would not be held responsible for the actions of the co-worker who committed the assault.”
  • After much investigation, it was discovered that the assaulting employee had previously misbehaved in a sexual manner during work hours and on company property. However, this despicable employee had not been sanctioned, disciplined or fired. In fact, he was given a position as a supervisor!
  • Ultimately, the case went before a mediator and resulted in the victim obtaining a Court Order, which granted her several hundred thousand dollars (the exact amount is confidential).
  • I am very happy to write that this resilient young woman has used this money to attend college and move forward with her life.


Six-Figure Payment to Young Man Injured in Single Car Crash

  • A young man (“the client”) who was injured in a violent, single-car crash.
  • The accident occurred due to the driver’s negligent attempt to navigate a windy road while exceeding the speed limit. The driver lost control and impacted a tree, which resulted in the client’s face being slammed against the window. The client’s eye socket, cheek and jaw bones were fractured. Additionally, the client suffered several lacerations due to broken glass in the car.
  • Following months of medical and dental treatment, the case was submitted to the driver’s insurance company with a demand of payment of the full insurance policy limit.
  • The Parrish Law Firm rejected numerous attempts by the insurance company to settle the client’s case and held fast to the previously mentioned policy limits demand.
  • Due to the Firm’s aggressive negotiations skills, the driver’s insurance company agreed to settle the case and paid the full amount of the driver’s insurance policy. As a result of the Parrish Law Firm’s legal representation, the client received a six-figure settlement payment.

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