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Parrish Law Firm, PLLC Gets Results – Our goal is always to achieve the highest possible cash settlement or Court award for our injured clients and their families. We understand this is your only chance to receive monetary compensation for your injuries and we use all of our skills in every case to best help you. As you will read, WE GET THE JOB DONE!

Parrish Law Firm, PLLC and founding Virginia trial attorney Jim Parrish work extremely hard to obtain significant injury/accident case settlements and judgments in Virginia for their clients. Below you will find several of our highest dollar cash settlements and Court victories. As you will also read, some of our largest settlements and awards from personal injury and accident cases we have handled in Virginia are confidential and details of these claims cannot be revealed on this part of our website. It is very important for you to understand we not only handle very serious accident/injury cases and claims throughout Virginia, but our firm also takes on smaller cases and claims to help people in need of our skills and “know how.” We truly enjoy helping the “little guy” battle the insurance companies and use our experience about these companies to get it done! REMEMBER, Jim Parrish used to work for the same insurance carriers that he now battles for you!

A great number of our cases and claims are settled or resolved out of the courtroom. This is because a certain, guaranteed monetary or cash settlement, which fulfills our client’s financial needs to pay medical bills, make up for lost time at work and save for future medical treatment is often best. Settlements do not require the time, risk and cost of lengthy courtroom trials and allow our clients to avoid having to relive the events which caused their pain during lengthy depositions and examinations. Of course, if necessary, Parrish Law Firm, PLLC has the resources, skill, technique and experience to prosecute a significant personal injury, automobile accident, motorcycle collision or several other types of cases through a jury trial.

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

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Dog Bite

  • $100,000 to Young Man Bitten by Dog Running Off its Property in Woodbridge, VA

    Recently, Fairfax and Manassas dog bite injury attorney James Parrish obtained a $100,000 settlement (the applicable renter’s insurance policy limit) for a child bitten by a dog in Woodbridge, VA.

    Our client, a young boy, was out playing in his neighborhood when a dog got off its property and began chasing the youngster.

    Despite his best efforts, our client could not escape the pursuit of the dog and was ultimately attacked and bitten.

    While this was certainly a traumatic and scary event, the young man was, fortunately, not seriously hurt.

    However, after investigating this dog’s past, we found that the dog had a history of running at large (off its leash and off its property), as well as prior violence.

    Based on same, the Parrish Law Firm leveraged the animal’s history into a settlement that far exceeded the medical damages in the case.

    The settlement funds were put into an annuity, which will pay out later in the young man’s life and put him a favorable financial position to start the adult chapter.

  • United States Marine Attacked By Pit Bull – $300,000 Settlement

    On October 12, 2014, our client, a retired United States Marine, was walking on a public sidewalk in Woodbridge, VA, when a pit bull, being walked on a leash, attacked him without any reason or provocation.

    The official law enforcement investigation, which resulted in criminal charges against the dog walker for failure to properly control the vicious animal, determined that the offending dog jumped directly at our client’s face, latched on to his right arm (which our client used to deflect the dog’s attack), and dragged him more than 20 yards, resulting in serious lacerations on and permanent nerve damage to his right arm and hand.

    Personal injury lawyer, Jim Parrish was hired to represent the injured veteran and discovered that this pit bull had a history of aggressive behavior before the attack that forever changed the victim’s life.

    Representatives of the insurance company for the dog owner’s homeowner’s liability insurance policy had the gall to try to point the finger at our client and say that he was at fault for the unsolicited attack.

    However, the insurance company’s position quickly crumbled under Mr. Parrish’s pressure and it accepted liability for our client’s injuries.

    As a result of Mr. Parrish’s skills and efforts, a $300,000 settlement, which was the maximum recoverable under the homeowner’s insurance policy (or “policy limit”), was reached without having to file a lawsuit.

  • Fairfax Child Bitten in Head by Friend’s Dog in Herndon, Virginia

    Prince William County Circuit Court:Recently, Fairfax and Manassas dog bite injury attorney James Parrish obtained a near six-figure settlement for a child bitten and scratched in the head and ear by a dog owned by a family friend. This award is particularly significant in light of the fact that the dog at issue had no prior history of bites and had not previously demonstrated hostile tendencies towards others.

  • Dog Bite Victim

    Fairfax County Circuit Court-James Parrish, dog bite and injury trial lawyer, won a hard fought victory for a client attacked by a mixed breed dog.

    The dog owner denied responsibility for his animal’s actions, yet the Court found that the dog owner was irresponsible in his failure to warn the victim of the dog’s dangerous nature.The bite in this case resulted in an injury to the hand of our client and required months of rehabilitation and treatment.Ultimately, the Parrish Law Firm’s injured client was awarded a judgment in the amount of $75,000 and justice was served!

Slip and Fall

  • Outstanding Monetary Settlement to Slip and Fall Injury Victim

    In Virginia, “slip and fall” and “trip and fall” cases are extraordinarily difficult cases to win due to laws friendly to property owners. However, Mr. Parrish accepted representation of a young lady who was seriously injured and required neurosurgery after falling in the lobby of a well-known commercial property.

    As a result of her injury, she was faced with thousands of dollars of medical bills and lost wages and feared losing her home due to her inability to pay her bills. 

    The property owner/manager contended that it had appropriately placed warning signs in the lobby and provided pictures, which it claimed demonstrated the condition of the lobby just after Mr. Parrish’s client was harmed. However, after consulting with the National Weather Service, Mr. Parrish discovered that the pictures could not have been taken at any point in time close to his client’s injury. The pictures provided by the property owner/manager demonstrated sunlight beaming through lobby windows, but at the time of his client’s fall, a serious ice and snow storm was occurring! 

    When Mr. Parrish revealed this blatant attempt to “doctor” the evidence, counsel for the property owner/manager agreed to submit the case to mediation and Mr. Parrish’s client achieved an outstanding monetary settlement.

Vehicle Accident

  • $340,000 to Car Accident Victim with Cervical Injury

    The Parrish Law Firm recently represented a loan officer (“the client”) hurt in an accident on I-95 in Prince William County. The at-fault driver tried to claim that she had been clipped from the rear by an unknown vehicle, which caused her to lose control and strike our client. However, due to our diligent investigation, we were able to secure eyewitness testimony, which confirmed that no such “phantom” vehicle existed. The at-fault driver simply failed to control her car due to excessive speed and inattention.

    As a result of the impact, our client lost control of his car, spun out, and struck the guardrail at a high rate of speed. In addition to numerous soft tissue injuries, he ruptured a disc in his cervical spine, which required surgical intervention to correct.

    After well over a year of medical treatment and unsuccessful negotiations with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client. The suit became complicated as several insurance companies with different types of coverage (liability, underinsured motorists coverage (UIM), and excess underinsured motorists coverage through our client’s employer’s policy) fought hard to avoid paying the compensation to which our client was due. However, as trial approached, we mediated the case with a retired Federal Judge.

    At said mediation, the case settled for $340,000, which was higher than anticipated and very pleasing to our client.

    As a result of the Parrish Law Firm’s legal representation, the client was able to pay his outstanding medical costs and keep a substantial sum of money for retirement and/or purchase of a home for his family.

  • Manassas Motorcycle Accident Receives

    Recently, Prince William accident attorney, James Parrish, had the pleasure of helping a young Manassas man, who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident.

    The accident occurred in Haymarket, Virginia and was the fault of an inattentive automobile driver, who blindly turned left in front of the young man on the motorcycle.

    Fortunately, Mr. Parrish was contacted and retained shortly after the accident and was able to advise the injured man and his family throughout the claims process.

    The insurance company for the at-fault driver attempted to take advantage of the injured motorcyclist by blaming him for the collision, but was prevented from doing so by the efforts of Mr. Parrish. (Injury lawyer Parrish used to work for insurance companies, so he knows their “tricks and schemes.”)

    After filing a lawsuit and hiring premier expert witnesses to support the injured motorcyclist’s claim, the insurance company agreed to settle the case for $975,000.00.

    This was a great day for the injured man, as well as his family and the Parrish Law Firm was blessed to be able to help these wonderful folks.

  • Drunk Driving Accident Victim

    James R. Parrish was enlisted by a prominent trial attorney in Washington, D.C., to jointly represent a very badly injured young man (“the client”), who had been in a serious accident caused by a drunk driver.

    Following the accident, the client was unable to run his small business and nearly lost everything. The opposing insurance companies tried every “trick in the book” to avoid paying the client the compensation he deserved and even went so far as to retain multiple “hired guns” as expert witnesses in an attempt to counter the diagnoses of the client’s treating physicians. Due to the complexity of the issues involved in the case, the parties agreed to mediate the matter with the assistance of a retired, former-Chief Judge of a local Circuit Court. During the mediation, Mr. Parrish effectively countered the insurance companies’ strategies and convinced the same insurance companies to resolve the case for nearly one-half of a million dollars. Prior to Mr. Parrish’s involvement in the case, the insurance companies had refused to offer the client anything greater than $50,000.

  • Woman Seriously Hurt By Truck Driver

    Imagine that your elderly mother is sick in Florida and that you, her daughter, must drive through Virginia on I-95 in order to be by her side. Now imagine that as you come to a stop for traffic, you are slammed from the rear by a large truck, pushed through several cars, launched into the air and land on the guard rail between the South and Northbound lanes!

    This was situation encountered by one of our clients. Then, to add insult to injury, the driver of the truck claimed that he was not to blame for the accident. He argued that he had been hit from behind and lost control. He even went so far as to claim that my client was the operator the car that struck him and that somehow she then went past him into traffic and ended up on the guard rail!

    Of course, the truck driver’s story seemed ridiculous, but his insurance company was supporting him in every way possible. Accordingly, we hired the most well known and respected accident reconstructionist in Virginia to assist in our investigation of the case. After thoroughly reviewing all of the accident-related evidence, it was obvious that the truck driver was not being truthful. Eventually, the case went before a highly respected Richmond Judge and the insurance company paid my client $400,000 for the damages she had suffered.

  • Motorcycle Accident Victim

    A motorcyclist (‘the client”) enjoying a pleasant weekend cruise in Berkeley County, West Virginia, was hit head-on by a truck that crossed into the client’s lane of travel. The client had to be air-lifted from the scene of the crash and underwent emergency surgery to repair his horribly fractured leg.The client did not have health insurance and was unable to work for many weeks. To make matters worse, the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident did not have automobile insurance to compensate the client for his injuries. The Parrish Law Firm investigated all aspects of the case and due to its intimate knowledge of insurance policies and laws, located three avenues of recovery for the client. Initially, of course, the insurance companies attempted not to pay the client the amounts to which he was legally entitled. However, the Parrish Law Firm refused to give-up in its fight for the client and eventually obtained every available dollar of insurance, which amounted to more than $150,000.

  • Six-Figure Settlement to Car Accident Victim

    The Parrish Law Firm recently represented a young man (“the client”) who was injured in a violent, single-car crash in Fairfax County. The accident occurred due to the driver’s negligent attempt to navigate a windy road while exceeding the speed limit.

    The driver lost control of his vehicle and impacted a tree, which resulted in the client’s face being slammed against the window. The client’s eye socket, cheek and jaw bones were fractured. Additionally, the client suffered several lacerations due to broken glass in the car. 

    Following months of medical and dental treatment, the case was submitted to the driver’s insurance company with a demand of payment of the full insurance policy limit. The Parrish Law Firm rejected numerous attempts by the insurance company to settle the client’s case and held fast to the previously mentioned policy limits demand. Ultimately, due to the Firm’s aggressive negotiations skills, the driver’s insurance company agreed to settle the case and paid the full amount of the driver’s insurance policy.

    As a result of the Parrish Law Firm’s legal representation, which resulted in a six-figure settlement payment, the client was able to pay his medical and dental bills, as well as save a substantial sum of money for his future.

Wrongful Death

  • $700,000 Wrongful Death Settlement against Tractor-trailer Driver

    Last summer, we had the honor of representing the mother of young woman, who was tragically killed in an accident with a tractor-trailer in Stafford County, Virginia on Interstate 95.

    The Virginia State Police investigated the accident and found that the truck driver was not at fault. The insurer of the truck driver latched on to law enforcement’s conclusion, denied any responsibility, and blamed our client’s deceased daughter for the crash. Notwithstanding, the Parrish Law Firm’s review of the facts indicated otherwise.   We found the truck driver to be inattentive and not in proper control of his vehicle.

    So, we filed suit against the driver and his employer and began to aggressively prosecute the claim. Shortly thereafter, the insurance company changed its position and began negotiations.

    We recognized that the driving behavior of our client’s daughter could have been found to be a contributing cause of the accident (which would have barred our client from receiving any compensation for her daughter’s death under Virginia’s harsh law of contributory negligence) and decided that settlement was the best course of action.

    While this was a tragedy, the Parrish Law Firm’s relentless pursuit for justice against this negligent tractor-trailer operator resulted in our client being granted a very favorable resolution and took her one step closer to being able to move on with her life.

  • Fauquier County Wrongful Death Lawyer

    Warrenton | Northern Virginia Pedestrian/Car Accident Lawyer James Parrish recently settled a wrongful death case for the family of a man killed while crossing the street by an inattentive SUV driver.

    This needless accident occurred in Hume, Virginia.

    The settlement of $285,000 was reached by combining available insurance coverage under multiple policies and through Mr. Parrish’s aggressive negotiation with the executives from the insurance companies.

  • Wrongful Death Settlement for Man Killed Crossing the Street

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