Wild Summer – Kids at Play Campaign


7 minutes. That’s the average amount of time kids spend playing in the outdoors each day. In contrast, children are spending, on average, 7+ hours consuming digital media every day. Research shows us children that spend more time outdoors have lower instances of mental illness as adults.

The Parrish Law Firm is committing to give away over $20,000 worth of outdoor play equipment over the next 5 years to get kids outside for longer periods of time with our Wild Summer: Kids At Play campaign. Nominate your child below!

The Parrish Law Firm will be giving away bikes with helmets, soccer, basketball and football equipment and more to get children engaged in positive outdoor play that will set them up for a lifetime of healthier decision-making and lifestyles.

    Outdoor play contributes to children learning vital skills such as the importance of physical fitness, preventing obesity, increasing agility and stamina, developing greater bone density, gaining better balance, coordination, strength and more. The Parrish Law Firm wants to help children find ways to
    manage stress, anxiety and develop social skills that will set them up for bright futures.

    “When I was a kid, my first thought every summer morning was to get outside as quickly as possible to play sports with my friends,” says Jim Parrish, founder of the Parrish Law Firm, “Now I walkthrough my neighborhood, and I don’t see a single kid in sight. We as a community need to change that.”
    Deadline for submitting applications is July 30th. All winners of the Wild Summer: Kids At Play
    program will be notified by email and phone call.

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