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Annual coat drive

Annual Coat drive

Warm Bodies, Warm Hearts

While some families enjoy warm nights by a fire, baking cookies, and cozying up on the couch during the cold Manassas winters, so many people are not as fortunate. Homelessness during the harsh winter months can be life-threatening to the thousands of people in Virginia who don’t have a permanent place to call home. That’s why Parrish Law Firm has launched its “Warm Bodies, Warm Hearts” Annual Coat Drive, and we’re enlisting the help of local schools to make a difference this year.

Did you know that 7,001 people were homeless in Virginia as of January 2015? Did you know that there are 7,442 students enrolled in Manassas City Public Schools? If every student donated one coat, think of what a difference it could make!

Partnering to SERVE

Parrish Law Firm is partnering with the local homeless agency SERVE, which operates a 92-bed emergency shelter for families and individuals. SERVE is always in need of donations, and as the temperatures drop, coats are a huge blessing for those who turn to the shelter looking for a helping hand.

All coats collected during the drive will be donated to SERVE.

How Can You Help?

It’s easy! Students throughout Manassas are encouraged to organize coat drives at their schools. To participate:

  • 1Contact us to arrange for a coat donation box to be dropped off at your school.
  • 2Ask your teachers, classmates, and friends to bring in coats to donate.
  • 3When your donation box is full, let us know and we will pick it up and deliver your donations to SERVE.

It Pays to Give Back

coat-driveTo encourage donations during the coat drive, Parrish Law Firm is challenging local schools to compete to see which school can donate the most coats. The students who come together and collect the most coats to donate will win an iPad for their school!


By the Numbers

Outline of USA
people were homeless in the United States as of January 2015.
Outline of male
were individuals out on their own.
Outline of family
were people in families.
Outline of badge
of homeless people are veterans.
Outline of snowflake
28 degrees
is the average low temperature in Manassas in December, and it drops lower in January and February.

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