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Cyclists suffer serious injuries after colliding with vehicles every day. They may have the same right to the roads as cars and trucks, but they are much more difficult to see. What’s more, drivers rarely give cyclists the right to the road that the law affords them. If you or a loved one suffered injuries because of a negligent or careless driver, you need a bicycle accident lawyer in Prince William County to help you determine your legal options for fair compensation. At the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC, our attorney Jim Parrish and the rest of our legal team are ready to go to work recovering the money you deserve to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, ongoing care costs, and other expenses. Call us today at 571-229-1800 to get started.

How do motorists cause bicycle accidents in Prince William County?

When a driver collides with a cyclist, it is often because the motorist fails to see the much smaller bike. These wrecks often occur because drivers:

  • Fail to yield and turn in front of an oncoming cyclist
  • Do not look for bicycle traffic before pulling out of a driveway or parking lot
  • Do not see a cyclist in front or beside them, and do not leave enough room to pass safely

Sometimes, the driver also fails to look for cyclists in places where they commonly ride. This often results in crashes where a biker runs into an opening car door, commonly referred to as “dooring.” Drivers and vehicle occupants parallel parking on the side of the road have a responsibility to check for oncoming traffic and bicycles before opening their doors, but they rarely do.

What role does contributory negligence play in a VA bicycle accident case?

Like motorists, cyclists have rights and duties when they ride on the state’s roads. If you were not following these rules at the time of the crash, you may be partially at-fault for your own injuries. This could prevent you from recovering damages from the driver involved in your accident.

Virginia’s strict pure contributory negligence rule often plays a role in bicycle accident cases. To collect compensation for your damages, we need to ensure the at-fault driver cannot prove you contributed to causing the crash.

Cyclists must be careful to obey all traffic laws, traffic lights, and other signals. At the same time, riding drunk or distracted can also lead to a crash. Texting or making a phone call can take your eyes off the road long enough to be involved a crash. If you are going to ride, make sure you keep your full attention on the road. We may not be able to help you recover the compensation you need if you contributed to causing your crash.

How can a bicycle accident lawyer in Prince William County help me get the money I deserve?

You need a knowledgeable bicycle accident lawyer on your side before you try to navigate the complex claims process and recover compensation for your injuries. We thoroughly investigate every accident, including collecting and analyzing evidence, examining the stories of eyewitnesses, spotting any inconsistencies in police reports, and building a strong case on your behalf.

We manage all communication with the at-fault driver and her insurance company, including filing a claim on your behalf. This ensures your rights remain protected, and the insurance company cannot use tricks or tactics to reduce the payout they owe you. Because our firm’s founder Jim Parrish spent years defending insurance companies, he knows how they operate. This gives us a distinct advantage.

We negotiate with the insurer and its legal team in an attempt to reach a settlement agreement based on the full value of the damages in your case. If this is not possible, we can file a lawsuit in civil court and a judge or jury will determine how much compensation you receive.
Under Virginia law, we only have two years from the date your injuries occur to file a lawsuit based on your crash. For this reason, we need to act on your case as soon as possible.

Is there Anything I Can do to Help my Case?

There are two things we will ask you to do:

  • Continue medical treatment. It is imperative that you continue medical treatment and obey your doctor’s orders. The other side’s insurer will be doing everything in its power to pay you as little as possible. If you do not receive medical treatment or you disobey your doctor’s orders, the insurer can claim that you falsified your injuries or that you are contributing to them. This can leave you with nothing.
  • Watch who you speak to. Insurers will attempt to trick you into admitting fault or agreeing that your injuries are not severe. If the insurer attempts to talk to you, direct any questions to us. And try to stay off social media until your accident has cleared up. The insurance adjuster can use any posts about you on social media against you.

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At the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC, we offer free case evaluations to Virginia bicycle accident victims. And we handle all our cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not get paid unless you get paid. So there is absolutely no risk to seeing what we can do for you. Call us at 571-229-1800 to schedule a time to discuss your accident with Prince William County attorney Jim Parrish today.

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