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People who decide to get behind the wheel while drunk can destroy lives. Drunk driving accidents can result in serious long-term injuries or even death. They can also keep victims out of work for weeks or even months. Victims and their families seeking compensation can get help from a drunk driving accident lawyer in Prince William County.

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How can I recover compensation for my injuries?

To recover compensation for your injuries, we must file a claim against the intoxicated driver and prove that he was responsible for your accident and injuries. When handling your claim, we will take the following actions to give you the best chance at financial recovery.

Gather Evidence, Prove Negligence

In some cases, proving negligence in a drunk driving accident is rather straightforward. After all, driving while intoxicated is an example of negligent behavior.

Regardless of how straightforward it might seem, we will always ensure we have the evidence to prove it. We will investigate your accident and obtain the arrest record, police report, and eyewitness testimony. If the driver receives a conviction for DUI, we will also include that as proof of the driver’s intoxication. The police report should have information regarding the driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of the crash in the form of breathalyzer or blood test results.

Once we have proven the other driver’s negligence, we must prove that his intoxication caused your injuries and damages. Expert testimony can discuss the type of accident that occurred and the effects of alcohol on the driver to prove causation. You will also need to prove that you suffered damages through your medical records.

We will also build defenses against any accusations of fault. This is important because fault on your part may bar you from recovering damages. For example, if the driver ran a red light and hit you, but you were speeding at the time of the collision, you might be unable to recover the compensation you deserve. We will work to ensure that does not happen.

Talk to the Insurance Companies for You

Disputing fault in a drunk driving crash can be difficult. When this is the case, you can be sure that the insurer will attempt to place as much fault on you as possible.

If you talk to the other driver’s insurer without your attorney present, it may twist your words and use them against you. Our founder, Jim Parrish, used to represent insurance company so he knows the tricks they will try to play. Our attorneys will handle the communication with the insurance company to ensure you do not say or do anything that might jeopardize your claim.

Will I need to go to court after a Prince William County drunk driving accident?

In most cases, settling a claim is the best route for the party seeking compensation. It is often less-costly and quicker than filing a lawsuit. However, this does not always work out. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the insurer will not make a reasonable settlement offer. In some serious accidents, the drunk driver’s policy will not be enough to cover your damages. You do not have to — and should not — settle for less than you deserve.

Our drunk driving accident attorneys in Price William County are not afraid of filing a lawsuit and bringing your case to trial. We will prepare the strongest case possible to persuade a judge and/or jury to award you a fair amount of compensation.

You might be entitled to both compensatory and punitive damages.

In addition to damages for “pain and suffering” and inconvenience, medical expenses, lost wages, and other compensatory damages, drunk driving accident victims might also be entitled to recover punitive damages under Virginia Code § 8.01-44.5. The purpose of punitive damages is to punish drivers who were grossly negligent in causing an accident.

Under Virginia law, you may be entitled to punitive damages if we can prove:

  • The drunk driver’s blood alcohol content was .15 or higher.
  • The drunk driver knew or should have known he would be too intoxicated to drive.
  • Your injuries were the direct result of the drunk driver’s intoxication.

If the drunk driver refused to take a blood alcohol test, you can still recover punitive damages as long as the other elements are present and the driver was intoxicated but unreasonably refused to take the test. We will examine your case and determine whether you might be entitled to punitive damages.

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