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Motorcyclists are at an increased risk for serious injury and even death in an accident. The drivers and occupants of other vehicles have seatbelts, airbags, crumple zones, and steel frames protecting them. Motorcycle riders and passengers have none of these safety devices to lessen the impact of a crash. Because of this, many motorcycle accident victims suffer devastating, lifelong injuries.

If another person caused your Virginia motorcycle accident, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Prince William County may be able to help you hold the motorist accountable for the damages that occurred. This includes your hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses. Call the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC today at 571-229-1800 to make an appointment to discuss your case with our legal team.

How does negligence lead to Prince William County motorcycle accidents?

When other motorists cause a motorcycle crash, it usually occurs because they break a traffic law or act in a careless manner (i.e., negligence). This is especially true because motorcycles are much smaller than other passenger vehicles and therefore easy to miss unless other drivers are paying careful attention to the traffic and other motorists around them. Even a seemingly small traffic violation can lead to a wreck and cause catastrophic injuries for someone on a motorcycle.

For example, imagine you were driving straight through a green light. A car is waiting in the turn lane to make a left turn. However, the driver of this car fails to see you and does not yield. She makes her left turn, colliding with your bike in the intersection. This situation is one of the most common ways motorcycle accidents occur.

The same thing can happen when a motorcycle is driving in an adjacent lane or attempting to pass the car on the left. Drivers do not always see motorcycles, although they have a responsibility to watch for them and yield to oncoming traffic before turning or changing lanes. We can hold these drivers liable for their negligent actions by filing a claim for compensation based on their auto insurance policy.

It is important to note, however, that Virginia follows a pure contributory negligence statute that bars you from collecting compensation if you contributed to causing your accident or injuries. This means, for example, if the other driver and her legal team can prove you were speeding at the time of the accident, you may not be able to recover anything for your damages. Of course, we can help neutralize those kinds of arguments and claims by the insurance companies.

Another way negligence often leads to motorcycle crashes is through road hazards. Potholes, debris, uneven pavement, railroad tracks, spills and other slick conditions, ponding of water, and other issues pose a major threat to motorcyclists. We can help you identify the liable party behind the hazard in many of these cases.

How do I recover compensation for my injuries after a Virginia motorcycle crash?

We can often recover compensation for you after a motorcycle accident by filing a claim based on the at-fault driver’s policy. We collect the necessary evidence to prove she acted negligently and to effectively demonstrate the full impact of your injuries. Once we have done so, we usually enter into negotiations with the insurance company.

Because our founder used to represent insurance companies, we know how they work and can avoid all their tricks to limit your pay out and help you get every dime you deserve after a crash.

If we cannot negotiate a fair settlement agreement, we can pursue a civil suit in court. This is not usually necessary, and we can typically settle these without taking further legal action. However, the option is available and we are not afraid to take your case to a judge or jury if necessary to get you the payout you deserve.
It is important that you act fast. We only have two years from the date of your crash to file a lawsuit based on your injuries. If your injuries occurred because of a government agency, shorter time limits may apply. This means you need to act quickly and enlist our helph2.

What Should I Look for in a Prince William County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

There is no reason to try to handle your motorcycle accident claim on your own. We have experience with a wide variety of car accident cases, including motorcycle crash claims. We understand how the insurance claims process works and know how to maximize your compensation based on the devastating nature of your injuries.

We have access to invaluable resources to collect additional evidence and provide support for your case. This may include accident reconstructionists, medical expert witnesses, and researchers. We will identify and interview eyewitnesses, and seek any other evidence available to support your claim.

You also need an aggressive and unintimidated negotiator on your side. We handle all communications with the at-fault motorist, her insurance company, and her legal team. We fight for the full value of your claim, and negotiate a fair settlement for you. If the other side refuses to settle, we will be prepared to take your case to court.

How much can I recover in a motorcycle accident claim?

How much you recover in your case depends on the nature of your injuries, your actual financial losses and your prognosis. In general, there are three types of damages we may recover in your case:

Economic Losses

These are financial losses you experienced because of the crash. They include:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and therapy costs
  • Ongoing care and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Limited future income
  • The cost to repair or replace your motorcycle
  • Any other accident-related expenses

Noneconomic Costs

Sometimes referred to as “pain and suffering” and inconvenience damages, your noneconomic costs are those that do not have an exact dollar amount tied to them. This includes the emotional and mental effects of the crash, as well as the physical pain you endured because of your injuries. We calculate these costs using the total of your economic losses and expert opinion about your future prognosis.

Punitive Damages

If your case goes to court, the judge or jury may award punitive damages. This type of award punishes the liable party for reckless behavior like drunk driving or deliberate actions. Punitive damages are not common, but can be substantial when awarded.

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