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Buying A Used Car Online? Make Sure It’s Not Defective

July 3, 2013 by The Parrish Law Firm

Are you looking to buy a used car online? You better make sure that there’s not an open recall on it, reports Dayton Daily News.

A study by the Virginia-based company Carfax has revealed that around 2.7 million of the used motor vehicles that were placed for sale online in 2011 had open recalls

Often, sellers don’t mention that the vehicle has been recalled and buyers don’t know that they’re buying defective vehicles that need necessary repairs to maintain safety, performance and resale value.

Chris Basso, the public relations manager at Carfax, says that, “people need to realize these are safety issues… By not getting them fixed, you are putting your family and other people who you are on the road with at-risk.”

According to Basso, sellers have no legal obligation to tell the potential buyer of the recall issue, nor is it illegal to sell a vehicle that is under recall and has defects. Sellers often take advantage of both of these facts, meaning that it’s up to the consumer to know whether or not the vehicle they are purchasing is defective.

After buying a used vehicle, it’s wise to take it to a dealership that carries your brand and see if there are any recalls in effect.

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