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COVID-19: Top Stories TODAY, August 27th – the latest on the pandemic

August 27, 2020 by The Parrish Law Firm

It has been over 5 months since the pandemic began, and unfortunately the novel coronavirus is still here. Here are the latest headlines so you don’t have to spend your day seeking article after article. 

Coronavirus Update, August 27, 2020

Scientists think they found another coronavirus mutation – but this one is good news

A study published in The Lancet may have found a mutated version of COVID-19, which appears to result in more mild cases of the illness. This version is also less likely to cause as many complications (such as hypoxia) as the initial novel virus. If confirmed, scientists may be able to use this information to create drugs that help lessen complications and death associated with COVID-19. 


Coronavirus cases, deaths slow in most regions: WHO

Last week, nearly 1.7 million new coronavirus cases were added to the global count with 39,000 new deaths. While this may seem like dreary news, this seems to be a nearly 5% decrease in new novel coronavirus cases this past week when compared to earlier weeks in August. Unfortunately, the Americas make up almost half of those numbers. Global COVID-19 related deaths now top 750,000. 


Obesity increases risk of Covid-19 death by 48%, study finds 

A study commissioned by the World Bank has found that obesity plays a larger role in COVID-19 complications than previously thought. Obesity may increase the risk of death by coronavirus by approximately 50% in those that suffer from obesity. Obesity may also make vaccines less effective than for non-obese people. Nearly 40% of Americans are obese. 


Another Reason to Believe Pfizer Could Have a Coronavirus Vaccine Ready in October

Pharma giant Pfizer plans to have its COVID-19 vaccine to go through the FDA’s regulatory approval process sometime in October if all goes according to plan. This could mean that we may have a vaccine to the virus that has killed nearly 900,000 people globally since December 2019 less than a year later. This has never been done before. 


More than 74,000 kids tested positive for the coronavirus in early August

The number of children testing positive for COVID-19 Is climbing at an alarming rate. In fact, confirmed coronavirus cases in children has jumped nearly 21% in just 2 weeks. Thus far it is difficult to tell whether the numbers in children are increasing because schools are opening and so children are being tested more or if COVID-19 Is spreading more quickly to children. 

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