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Eco Friendly Cleaning – Kid Friendly Cleaning Products

March 18, 2013 by The Parrish Law Firm

It’s that time of year again when we open the windows, clear out the closet and practice the ancient art of spring cleaning. As we look to get a fresh start, here are some green and kid-friendly ideas on how to clean with products you probably already have around your house.

A substantial amount of the commercial cleaning products we buy for our home could, in fact, be dangerous to our health and the environment. Many of these products contain harsh chemicals that if ingested, can be poisonous, especially to our children. But few know that there are household products we could use that are safe for us and the world around us.

  • Vinegar is versatile and can contribute to the cleaning of many things. When mixed with baking soda and rinsed with hot water, it can be an effective cleaner. Spray around the toilet or use this combination to clean drains instead of the very toxic drain cleaner. Lemon juice works well to hide some of the vinegar smell.
  • Baking soda, as mentioned, can be combined with vinegar to make a great cleaner. It can also be used by itself as an effective soap scum remover. When mixed with a little water, can create a paste that is abrasive enough to remove dirt and safe enough to clean delicate surfaces without exposing you and your family to any chemicals.
  • Club Soda is particularly effective at cleaning carpet stains. Blot the stain, pour club soda over the stained area and immediately blot again. The carbonation in club soda will also help remove built up rust. It is very safe to touch or ingest.
  • Lemon Juice and Olive Oil make a great combination to polish wood or shine hardwood floors. Use two parts olive juice and one part lemon juice, wipe down with a soft cloth and you have a cleaner that works and smells great.
  • Toothpaste is an excellent cleaner because it is abrasive and can cut through grease. You can also polish your silver with toothpaste before rinsing with water.

These cleaning remedies tend to be less expensive, smell less harsh, and produce less waste. This Spring, make your home a safer place to live by using these simple homemade cleaners.

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