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Forty Lawsuits Result From Failed Freezer At Sperm Bank

August 25, 2013 by The Parrish Law Firm

A failed freezing tank that was keeping sperm samples frozen has resulted in lawsuits on behalf of the men who lost the opportunity to become biological fathers, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The freezing tank at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago failed last year, destroying the sperm samples of men whose illnesses or treatments could potentially lead to infertility. Forty lawsuits were filed in Cook County Circuit Court on August 20th, naming the hospital and Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, which operates the tank, as defendants.

Filed under the name “John Doe” for patient confidentiality, the lawsuits claim that in April of 2012, the storage procedure and cryopreservation at the hospital failed, damaging testicular tissue and semen, and that staff at the faculty did not respond adequately when the system went down. Negligence was also a factor, the lawsuits argue, as all the sperm samples were kept in a single tank when there were many other storage tanks available for use.

Northwestern officials said in a news release on Tuesday that they deeply regretted the equipment malfunction, but noted that many of the sperm specimens in the tank could be salvageable for use in in vitro fertilization. They also said that the specimens were quickly moved to a functioning freezing storage tank as soon as staff realized the tank malfunction.

The lawsuits are seeking monetary damages, which will be determined as the case develops. We will keep you updated as this story unfolds.

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