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Green Driving Habits for Virginia Residents: Saving Fuel While Driving Safe

February 19, 2013 by The Parrish Law Firm

Fuel-efficient driving techniques not only save you money at the pump, they help to keep your vehicle in good driving condition by minimizing wear and tear. This means your vehicle will drive better for longer, and you will have increased its resale value by the time you’re ready to upgrade. Additionally, many of the techniques offered here, courtesy of the Virginia DMV, are also good safety pointers so you can’t lose.

Green Driving Habits

  • Don’t stop and accelerate quickly. Hammering the gas to get moving and the break to stop quickly is less safe and eats up your vehicle’s fuel efficiency as well as your break pads. Anticipate slow-downs and accelerate slowly and steadily from a stop.
  • Keep your vehicle light. If you can, avoid carrying excess weight in your trunk or other parts of your vehicle.
  • Drive the speed limit. It’s the speed limit for a reason. Fuel efficiency declines after 55 mph, and driving slower is just plain safer.
  • Plan to do errands in one trip. You’ll save fuel and time by consolidating your trips into one outing.
  • Utilize cruise control. On highways, use the cruise to minimize accelerations and decelerations.
  • Don’t bundle items on a roof rack. This kills the aerodynamic design of your car and can cut fuel efficiency by up to 5 percent.
  • Avoid idling. If you’re at a standstill for greater than 10 seconds, you save fuel by turning off your vehicle.
  • Use overdrive whenever you can. Overdrive, which runs the vehicle in a higher gear, can save your engine from wear and increases fuel economy.
  • Know when to use air-conditioning. If you’re traveling below 40 mph, throw down the windows and avoid turning the AC on. Over 40 mph? Shut those windows and feel free to turn it on; you’ll decrease drag and your fuel consumption.
  • Inflate your tires properly and keep them inflated. Not only will your tires last longer, but you’ll also have better steering control and your tire surfaces will remain cooler. Further, make sure to regularly rotate your tires and keep them balanced.
  • Replace your air filter regularly. An obstructed air filter can decrease your fuel economy by 4 percent.

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