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Handling Personal Injury Cases Before Going To Court, Cont’d

May 24, 2012 by The Parrish Law Firm

Here are the next steps in the preliminary process:

  • Re-assessment and Additional Investigation: Most attorneys will proceed here if it has been determined that liability is clear and damages are extensive. This step may be time-consuming if the attorney decides to gather additional information from state and federal resources that may be helpful in court, such as time cycles of traffic lights in the area. The attorney may also attempt to gather more witnesses by placing ads in newspapers and searching from businesses and residences around the scene of the accident.
  • Ascertaining Sources of Insurance Coverage: This is the step where an attorney will ask his client to provide insurance information. The attorney will also gather information regarding the defendant’s insurance policies. In some cases, the insurance information given is incorrect, so it may take time to determine the accurate information for both parties.
  • Evaluating Medical Damages: Obtaining physical evidence of a client’s injuries is typically the most time-consuming part of the process. This stage tends to be a “waiting game” for most personal injury lawyers, who are waiting for their client to receive medical treatment. The attorney should inform the client of how the facts listed in the medical reports could affect the overall recovery in the case. Clients are also advised to monitor their own medical treatment, as “overtreatment” can result in lower offers from insurance companies. Clients must use their best judgment in these circumstances and refuse treatment if it proves to be unhelpful.
  • Negotiations: Once all other steps have been completed, the attorney will submit a demand to the insurance carrier and attempt to settle the case. Your attorney will attempt to achieve the best settlement possible for you, so negotiations may not be quick and easy. It is the client’s job to participate with the attorney and bear with them as they achieve the settlement.

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