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Infographic: 16 Ways to Have a Safer Holiday Season

November 29, 2017 by The Parrish Law Firm

Between family obligations, holiday traditions, gift shopping, and office or school functions, we have a lot on our minds. Often lost in the holiday hustle and bustle is a concern for safety.
But safety hazards are common during the winter holidays and nothing ruins the season more than a trip to the emergency room. Keep yourself and your family safe this year by following the 16 tips in this infographic.

Holiday Safety Infographic Mini

Click here to view our holiday safety tips infographic.
The infographic shares tips to prevent four common sources of holiday injuries and illnesses:

  • Decorating safety: Extension cords, Christmas trees, and candles are common sources of fire accidents during the holidays. Learn how to prevent decoration-related fires.
  • Driving safety: Wintry weather, holiday travel and shopping, parties that serve alcohol, and seasonal stress combine to make driving more dangerous during the holidays. Learn how to reduce your risk and stay safe on the roads.
  • Food safety: Between holiday dinners, office parties, and school holiday events, we make food for and consume food made by a lot of people. Learn how to make and consume food safely this year to prevent food poisoning and dangerous allergic reactions.
  • Gift safety: The holidays are a season of gift-giving, but how do you know which gifts are safe, age-appropriate, and free of product defects? Learn how to choose safe, responsible gifts for friends and family.

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The Parrish Law Firm, PLLC wishes everybody a safe and happy holiday season!

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