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Insurance Company Wants Out Of Huguely Defense In Maryland Civil Suit

May 25, 2013 by The Parrish Law Firm

The New York based insurance company Chartis Property Casualty Co. is suing George W. Huguely V for his refusal to cooperate with them, claiming that his actions breach the terms and conditions of their policies, reports Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

George W. Huguely V, once a member of the University of Virginia lacrosse team, was found guilty last year of killing his former girlfriend. Chartis, his mother’s insurance company, filed the suit in Maryland federal court claiming that it does not indemnify or defend Huguely from a civil lawsuit filed by Sharon D. Love, the mother of the deceased girl.

Chartis has attempted to examine Huguely at the Keen Mountain Correctional Center in Oakwood, Va multiple times, but he has not cooperated and will not cooperate in the future, according to his lawyer.

Chartis claims that his “refusal to submit to an examination under oath and his refusal to substantially respond, now and at anytime in the future, to any of Chartis’ questions regarding the allegations made in the civil litigation…will continue to cause severe prejudice to Chartis,” and that his behavior constitutes a breach of their terms and conditions.

Chartis is attempting to verify whether or not Huguely is covered under the insurance his mother and father purchased in 2010, including coverage under the primary and excess liability policies, because it is unclear if Huguely was a member of his mother’s household when the incident occurred. Huguely could have been a permanent resident of in any one of three homes at the time. Chartis is also investigating the extent of Huguely’s liability. All of these efforts, claim Chartis, are restricted by Huguely’s refusal to cooperate.

According to his lawyer, Huguely will continue to “assert his Fifth Amendment privilege in response to any and all questions relating to the events out of which his criminal charges arose.”

We will keep you updated as this story unfolds.

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