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LG Electronics, Inc. Recalls Gas Driers For Gas Valve Defect, Fire Risk

August 22, 2012 by The Parrish Law Firm

LG Electronics, Inc. has announced the recall of a number of their LG Electronics and Kenmore Elite® Gas Dryers because of a defect in the gas valve which can continue to heat the dryer after the cycle has finished, leading to a potential burn, smoke and fire risk, reports PRNewswire.

Around 21,000 of the gas dryers, made in South Korea and sold at multiple appliance stores, including Sears, from November 2009 to August 2010 for a price between $650 and $1500, were recalled because the gas valve can fail to close correctly, allowing the continued heating of the dryer after the drying cycle is finished. This can lead to high temperatures on the outside and inside of the dryer, potentially scorching the drum, burning or damaging contents in the dryer, and posing a fire, burn and smoke inhalation risk to consumers.

Both the LG Electronics and Sears’ Kenmore Elite brand driers come in a variety of colors, and the serial numbers and model numbers are found on a label attached to the front of the drier, above the door. Read on PRNewsWire about comprehensive details on the recalled products.

There have been 141 reports of dryers that continued to heat-up after the drying cycle had finished, 50 of which involved scorched or burned clothing, and three involving burns to the hands or arms.

If you own one of the defective driers, you should immediately stop its use and turn off the gas supply to the drier. If you bought an LG brand drier at a store other than Sears, you should contact LG customer service to receive a replacement gas valve, free of charge. If you purchased either an LG brand or a Kenmore brand from Sears, contact Sears to get a free replacement valve.

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