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New Express Lanes Lead to Spike in Crashes

November 22, 2012 by The Parrish Law Firm

The new express lanes for Interstate 495 opened on Saturday, but confusion has led to six accidents since Monday, reports FairfaxTimes.com. The new lanes offer drivers an option to pay a toll to use the lanes, or, if the vehicle is carrying three or more passengers, to use the lane for free with an E-ZPass Flex.

Express Lanes operators are seeing an increase in crashes near the starting point of the northbound Express Lanes between the Springfield exchange and Braddock Road. Authorities say drivers who realize last minute they are about to enter the express lane swerve into traffic, causing crashes. Authorities are doing their best to educate drivers by using electronic message boards and adding reflective material to posts that distinguish regular lanes from Express Lanes.

The accidents are expected to decrease as drivers get accustomed to the new lanes, and many are already seeing a decrease in their commute time.


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