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Pool & Water Safety This Summer

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Pool & Water Safety This Summer

June 13, 2018 by The Parrish Law Firm

Summer is quickly approaching and while that might mean its time for some fun in the sun, it also means there are important safety considerations you have to make for yourself, your children and the rest of your family.

The Golden Rule: Wear SPF! We cannot stress enough how much damage the sun does to your skin. Wearing SPF 35 or higher will protect you from nearly all of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Be sure to find a sunscreen that is water resistant for up to 80 minutes when going into the pool. Sun damage not only makes us age faster, but significantly increases our chances of getting skin cancer. Remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.

Okay, now to the serious stuff: Drowning

There are about 10 unintentional drownings each day in America, with 20% being children under the age of 15. It is vital for your children’s safety to keep an eye on your children or to attend a pool that has a lifeguard that keeps watch. Accidental drowning is highly avoidable and should not be taken lightly.

Here are some rules that you should consider:

  1. Never leave children unattended in or near water (this includes bathtubs, jacuzzis, beaches, lakes, etc.).
  2. Teach children how to swim. At the very least, teach your children how to float on the water.
  3. Make sure all pools and spas have safety compliant drain covers.
  4. Install alarms around your at-home pools so you are always aware when someone is entering your pool.
  5. Learn how to perform CPR and teach any and all guardians the technique.

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