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Side Effects and Warnings of Dangerous Drugs

May 17, 2012 by The Parrish Law Firm

One of the things that drug manufacturers are required to do is to disclose all of the effects of their products to their customers. When consumers don’t have a chance to make an informed decision about whether the drug’s desired effects are worth risking nasty side effects, those consumers sometimes end up filing lawsuits.


Right now, there are lawsuits pending over the drug Fosamax. This is a drug that falls into a family of medications called bisphosphonates. They have been implicated in causing problems in people who use them, including fractures of the femurs, which can be debilitating. Because this side effect is alleged to not have being disclosed, the people suing are doing so because they believe that they were not able to weigh the risks of the drug with the benefits and, therefore, that they ended up taking the drug unknowingly.

If You Were Warned

The situation is much different if you were warned. For example, many allergy medications carry a warning that details that the drug causes drowsiness and that you shouldn’t drive when you’re taking it. If you fall asleep behind the wheel after taking it and end up getting in a car wreck, you really can’t blame the company since they told you that were a risk and you chose to ignore their warning. If they had not disclosed that risk, however, they may end up being liable for damages.

Contacting an Attorney

There are different types of lawsuits that are filed over bad drugs. In cases where a large number of people have been harmed in relatively the same way by the same drug, the cases may be combined into one class action lawsuit, which saves time and money on the court system. If your case is unique or if a class action hasn’t been formed yet, you may end up suing individually.

A defective product attorney will be able to handle claims involving bad drugs. If you’ve been injured by drugs that had side effects that were not disclosed, you should speak with someone who specializes in product liability law. They may want to take you on as a client and go after the drug manufacturer. It doesn’t matter how big the drug manufacturer is or where they’re located in the country, your lawyer will be able to go after them and to file a lawsuit that may end up winning you compensation for what you’ve suffered.

The above article is a guest post by the personal injury attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm.

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