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Are Wearable Technology and Personal Injury Law on a New Trend Together? Part I – Injuries

April 1, 2015 by The Parrish Law Firm

Fit Bit Force

Fitbit was hit in March of last year by a class-action lawsuit claiming the company deceived consumers in the advertising of the Fitbit Force wristband.

The Force was recalled by Fitbit in 2014 after the company determined that approximately 1.7 percent of its users were suffering contact dermatitis from wearing the band. Fitbit stopped selling the Force, and issued refunds for customers who wish to return their bands. Fit Bit Force bands caused: Skin burns, open wounds, blisters, skin cracking, and peeling along with nerve and tissue damage.

New Fit Bit Trackers were rolled out over the holidays in 2014 and there are already many reports that they too are causing skin irritations.

In a recent statement, Fitbit said the latest rashes are “likely from wearing the band too tight, or sweat, water or soap… under the device.”

Google Glass

Google Glass & walking and driving: not a good combination. According to an article in Healthday, “The catch: a small new study suggests that the structure of the glasses (rather than the software) may curtail natural peripheral vision, creating blind spots that undermine safety while engaging in routine tasks, such as driving or walking.” The other risk, that is, the urge to use the functions of the glasses while driving, which could lead to countless accidents, goes without saying.

Oculus Rift

Having not even hit the market yet, there are already numerous concerns regarding Oculus Rift use and Personal Injury Lawsuits. From potential neck and back injuries plus the extensive list of precautions that can be found by clicking here, all lead one to believe that this gadget is a true accident waiting to happen.

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