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Virginia Law Ensures Hospitals Bill Insurance First, Can’t Wait For Tort Claim

May 1, 2013 by The Parrish Law Firm

A new Virginia law now requires hospitals to bill their patients’ private health care insurance provider instead of waiting for a larger pay day from the earnings of a tort claim, reports Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

Hospitals in Virginia often have agreements in place with private health care insurance companies to take less money than their standard billing rate would demand, but when treating a patient who may undertake a tort claim in court after an accident the hospital might wait to send their bill to the patient’s health care insurance provider in the hopes of getting paid in full when the tort claim is settled or the court makes a judgment on the case.

The hospital’s full price compensation however would not be taken from the victim’s health care insurance provider, but from the victim’s own tort claim compensation. In other words, from the victim’s own bank account.

The new law states that an in-network hospital must submit a claim to the patient’s health care insurance provider that follows the terms of their agreement so long as the victim offers up the insurance information within a reasonable time period. If the hospital fails to do this, the patience is relieved of the responsibility of the bill, the hospital cannot gain anything from a tort claim recovery, and the hospital has no recourse for medical expense benefits.

If the hospital submits the bill to the health care insurer then the insurer and the patient remain obligated to pay the bill.

The ruling significantly benefits Virginia accident victims who have been taken advantage of by medical aid providers.

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