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Virginia Pedestrian Injuries: Those At Risk and Safety Tips

January 15, 2013 by The Parrish Law Firm

The pedestrian accident attorney at Parrish Law Firm, PLLC encourages all pedestrians to take safety into their own hands. Roads are dangerous, especially for vulnerable pedestrians who do not have two tons of steal protection like the fellow citizens they share the road with.

The Stats

In the next 24-hour cycle, about 324 people will require emergency department aid as a result of a pedestrian-related accident, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the next 120 minutes, one pedestrian will die from injuries sustained in a traffic collision.

Male pedestrians are at a higher risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident as compared to females, and Black and Native American pedestrians are at a higher risk than Caucasians. Pedestrians between the ages of 10 and 29 years are more likely to visit an emergency room as a result of a motor-vehicle collision than all other ages.

Alcohol notably increases the risks of a pedestrian dying from a car or truck accident, as 36 percent of all pedestrian deaths in 2007 involved a pedestrian that was intoxicated (BAC greater than 0.07).

Children are also at a higher risk, as almost 20 percent of pedestrian traffic deaths involve kids 14 years old or younger. The age range of 5-14 years old is at the highest risk.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Always use a designated crosswalk when crossing an intersection.
  • Keep an eye out for vehicles that do not yield to the right of way of pedestrians at an intersection, especially those vehicles making left hand and right hand turns onto other streets.
  • Just like a bicyclist, wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight when walking at night.
  • Walk on the sidewalk when available, but if you’re forced to walk on the street, do so facing on-coming traffic.

Parrish Law Firm, PLLC works with Virginia pedestrians who have been injured in motor-vehicle accidents and are looking to file a personal injury claim in an attempt to receive compensation. Call our veteran lawyer today at 703-906-4229 or fill out a free case consultation form.

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