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Virginia Worker Injured by Defective Machine Wins $16.5 Million

May 22, 2013 by The Parrish Law Firm

A Virginia employee who was injured while working in a machine shop in 2009 has settled his personal injury claims for $16.5 million, reports Virginia Lawyer Weekly.

The incident occurred when a broken metal shaft was thrown from a machine tool and struck the plaintiff between the eyes. The estimated speed of the projectile was around 270 miles per hour.

The plaintiff suffered skull fractures and brain injury, and was rendered nearly totally blind in one eye and lost the other eye completely. The 40-year-old claimant was left unable to work, and needed around the clock care.

The seller and manufacturer of the CNC machine involved in the accident, as well as the seller and manufacturer of the special tool that caused the injury all agreed to the settlement worth $16.5 million.

A sales representative for the tool verified that the claimant was using it correctly at the time of the accident.

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