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What To Do If You Suspect A Concussion

December 13, 2022 by The Parrish Law Firm

3.8 million concussions occur annually in the United States from sports-related injuries alone. Let that sink in. Given that the most common cause of concussions come from falls rather than sports injuries, the total number of annual concussions is much higher. Because of the high number of concussions that occur in the U.S. alone, it’s safe to say everyone should know the signs to look out for as well as the appropriate actions that need to be taken in the event of a possible concussion. 

Read on to learn about symptoms to look out for and what to do in case of a concussion. Be sure to share this article with others so they can also be in the know. 

What Is A Concussion?

First, we should discuss what a concussion is in the first place. According to the CDC, “A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury—or TBI—caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. This sudden movement can cause the brain to bounce around or twist in the skull, creating chemical changes in the brain and sometimes stretching and damaging [of] brain cells. (Source)” 

Concussions can be a serious medical concern. While most are considered mild and do not pose a direct threat of complications, every concussion needs to be considered serious until evaluated and cleared by a medical professional. 

What Symptoms Should I Look Out For?

Below is a list of signs and symptoms to look out for if someone has been bumped or hit in the head. 

  • Difficulty recollecting events that occurred immediately prior to or after the injury to the head
  • If the injured party says they do not “feel right”, shows signs of confusion, answers questions slowly, is slow to react and/or shows noticeable behavioral changes 
  • If the injured party moves in a clumsy manner, is dizzy or loses consciousness 
  • If the injured party complains of head pain, a headache, feels nauseous, is vomiting or reacts negatively to light or noise

What Should I Do If I Suspect A Concussion?

  1. Seek out medical help immediately. Often with concussions and other TBIs, time is of the essence. This needs to be the first priority if there is any risk of a concussion. 
  2. Rest and avoid using mental or physical energy. Be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep for several days following the incident. 
  3. Avoid intense lights and loud noises. Stimulation from screens including phones and TVs should be avoided as well. 
  4. Feel free to take over-the-counter pain medication if needed. 
  5. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and consume a healthy diet. 
  6. Avoid alcohol and caffeine at all costs. 

If you suspect a concussion, we recommend following the above guidelines for at least 7 days. After 7 days pass, slowly introduce yourself back into your regular routine. If you are physically active, listen to your body and try to take it easy even after 7 days have passed. It’s best to slowly reacclimate to your daily activities. It is a good idea to check in with your doctor after a week has passed as well. 

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