What Aare the Most Common Bicycle Accident Injuries?

According to Accident Analysis & Prevention, the most common category of injury after a bicycle accident is head and neck injuries. Chest injuries are the second most common type of injury. There is a particular risk of injury from handlebar trauma among children, which can cause fatal chest and abdominal trauma, per Radiographics.

Bicycle accidents can leave you with severe forms of injury. We could help you hold a driver or another party responsible if they caused your accident.

What Could I Get Through a Claim or Lawsuit After a Bicycle Accident?

Depending on the details of your case, you could be eligible to pursue a recovery for the following losses:

  • “Pain and suffering” and inconvenience, reflecting the physical pain and challenges brought on by your injuries
  • Medical bills, including emergency room visits, diagnostic testing, specialist visits, physical therapy, surgery, medications, and more
  • Lost income and reduced earning capacity, if your injuries left you unable to work as you did before – in the short term or foreseeable future

A Driver or Another Party May Be Liable

Know that you could still pursue compensation even if the person who caused your accident wasn’t a vehicle driver. The responsible party in your case could be:

  • Another bicyclist
  • A pedestrian
  • Another party

Other Injuries You May Be Suffering After a Bicycle Accident

While head, neck, and chest injuries are the most common types of injuries after a bicycle accident, you could also be suffering from:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Lacerations and bruising
  • Internal injuries
  • And more

Even if you aren’t sure whether your injuries are serious enough to warrant a claim or lawsuit, you shouldn’t dismiss your case on your own. Speak with someone from our team to understand your options and learn whether you have a case.

What to Do if You’ve Been in a Bicycle Accident

Hopefully, you were able to do some or all of the following in the immediate aftermath of the accident:

  • Collect contact and insurance information from the driver or other party who caused the accident
  • Call the police and file a report of the accident
  • Seek medical care for any injuries you sustained

However, even if you didn’t get information from the driver or file a report, we can still help you seek compensation for your injuries and any damage to your bicycle.

Document Your Injuries After a Bicycle Accident

By seeking the medical attention you need immediately after the accident or in the days to follow, you can get started on necessary treatment and take a strong step for your case.

To build a case for compensation, we will use evidence of your injuries such as:

  • Medical records
  • Testimony from your doctors
  • Receipts for out-of-pocket expenses, such as payments for medical devices

Without proof that you were injured and you had to pay for medical care, it will be challenging to seek compensation from the driver who hit you. If you suffered injuries after the crash but have not yet seen a doctor, we recommend that you do so.

Listen to Your Medical Team

We also recommend that you follow through on any necessary treatment recommended by a doctor. If there is a major gap in your advised treatment plan, an insurance company may challenge or deny your claim.

Seek a Free Case Review to Learn About Your Legal Options

We offer free case reviews to victims of bicycle accidents. When you call our team, we can tell you more about:

  • What your case may be worth
  • What damages you qualify to seek
  • How we can handle your case for you and seek fair compensation

You don’t have to guess about the merits of your case and how much you may be able to get through a settlement or award. We can use our experience with bicycle accident cases to determine these things for you.

You Have Limited Time to File a Lawsuit in Virginia

If you consider taking legal action, keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time to pursue compensation from the responsible party. You have two years to file a lawsuit under Va. Code § 8.01-243.

By taking action as soon as you can, you can keep your options open and give your legal team time to build a compelling case.

Your Lawyer Can Assess Your Case and Help You get Started

Your lawyer will handle every step of your case for you. In the aftermath of an accident, we know that it may be challenging to do all the paperwork, negotiate with insurers, and prove your injuries, which is why we can take care of those details on your behalf.

We can:

  • Gather evidence of your losses
  • Prove your case value to an insurance company and negotiate for a fair settlement
  • Protect you against any bad faith insurance practices
  • File a lawsuit, if necessary
  • Advise you every step of the way

You can have a lawyer on your side today with no up-front fees required. We only receive payment if we win your case.

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