What Should I Say to the Insurance Company After an Accident?

After getting in an accident, what you say to the insurance company can affect a future claim you may file. When speaking to the insurance company, give general information about the accident and do not provide too many details. If the insurance company pressures you to answer detailed questions, politely decline and speak with your attorney.

Your legal representative can speak on your behalf or provide guidance on what to say to insurance companies. Our team knows the tactics insurance companies use against accident victims. We are prepared to advocate for you to pursue the compensation you need.

What to Say to the Insurance Company After the Accident

After an accident, you may need to speak with an insurance representative before you get the chance to hire an attorney. If this occurs, give basic information about the accident but not go into detail. The information you may have to give includes:

  • The names of everyone involved in the crash
  • The date and time the accident occurred
  • The location where the accident occurred
  • The make and model of your car and all other cars involved in the accident

Giving the insurance company general information after an accident can protect you. The insurance company may use details you give them against you later if you file a claim. Once the initial conversation is over with the insurance representative, take notes about what you discussed, as well as their name and contact information.

What Not to Say to the Insurance Company After an Accident

Giving information outside of general information can put a future claim at risk. The insurance company could use the details you give to reduce your settlement or deny your claim altogether. If you speak to the insurance company shortly after the accident, it is helpful to avoid these topics:

  • Who you believe was at fault for the accident
  • What you believe caused the accident
  • Whether or not you believe you have any injuries (your injuries may turn out to be worse than you first thought or you may leave something out)

The insurance representative may ask more detailed questions about the accident. Do not give details right after an accident. You may leave important information out or jeopardize your claim. If they ask these questions, politely decline and tell them you would like to speak with your attorney first. Our attorneys will deal with the insurance company.

An Attorney Can Speak to the Insurance Company for You

After being in a Virginia car accident, consider hiring an attorney before speaking with the insurance company. Our legal team will handle all correspondence with insurance companies on your behalf. Once you hire our team, we will:

  • Handle all correspondence regarding your accident: Any correspondence with the insurance companies, police, your employer, or medical providers)
  • Investigate the accident to find out what happened: We will determine who should be held liable for the accident.
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies to reach a fair settlement: We will prepare for a trial if we cannot get the insurance company to settle.
  • Confer with experts: To determine the extent of your losses

You might be entitled to more compensation than what the insurance company originally offers. Your attorney can help you navigate the claims process and fight for fair compensation.

We can help you fight for any further damages related to the accident prior to the statute of limitations running out. Virginia Code § 8.01-243 states you have two years from the date of the accident before the time expires to recover compensation for damages.

Accident Damages That Could Compensation

Recoverable damages are compensation a person owes someone else for injuring them. We will seek compensation from the insurance companies for the following damages:

Medical Bills

Any out-of-pocket costs if you went to the emergency room, rode in an ambulance, were hospitalized, or for ongoing doctor’s appointments. This also includes medications you need for pain management and rehabilitation therapy, such as occupational therapy or physical therapy.

Lost Wages

If you were out of work for a long or short time after the accident, you could recover the income you lost during that time.

Diminished Earning Capacity

If you cannot return to work in the same capacity after the accident, you could recover compensation for lost future earnings. If you cannot return to work at all, we will include the retirement and medical benefits you lost.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you could recover more damages in an accident claim.

Trust the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC After an Accident

If you want a legal representative to guide you on what to say to the insurance company after an accident, our attorneys could help. The legal team at the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC exhibits strong attention to detail and will use that strength to investigate and prepare your case. We will always provide our clients with the best legal representation possible.

Contact our firm today for a free consultation. We will discuss your legal options during the consultation and how we could help. After the consultation, your questions will be answered and we will develop a plan to negotiate with the insurance companies.

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