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Personal Injury Lawyer in Manassas Park

Personal Injury Lawyer in Manassas Park

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No matter how you suffered your injury, you can — and should — hold the at-fault party liable for your injuries. However, this is much easier said than done. But you do not need to handle it alone. A personal injury lawyer in Manassas Park at the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC can help.
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How can I recover compensation?

The first step to getting compensation after an injury is filing a claim.
The process of filing a claim after an accident is not easy. Filing a claim requires gathering information, preparing a compelling argument, defending against accusations of fault, and calculating damages.
Fortunately, you will not need to do any of that. We take on these responsibilities and leave you to focus on your recovery. All you need to do is continue receiving medical attention and call us as soon as possible because we only have two years from the date of the accident to bring suit in court.

Collecting Evidence

To get a full picture what happened, we will need to gather evidence relating to the incident. The type of evidence we gather can depend on the type of accident:

  • Car accident/motorcycle accident: When a car crash occurs, we will collect police reports from the scene of the crash as well as testimony from witnesses who saw what happened. We will also take photographs of the scene and look for relevant surveillance footage. If the driver was intoxicated , we will subpoena records to determine the driver’s blood alcohol concentration.
  • Truck accident: In addition to looking for police reports and witnesses as we would in a car accident, we will also look for trucking logs that show whether the driver had violated federal trucking regulations by driving too much in one day. We will also look for company records to show if and when it performed vehicle inspections if we believed shoddy maintenance contributed to the crash.
  • Pedestrian/bicycle accident: If you suffered injuries in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, we will investigate the scene, determine whether you had the right of way, and begin creating defenses to any accusations that you were at-fault.
  • Dog Bite: If a dog attacked you or a loved one, we will determine whether the owner knew his dog was dangerous and/or if the dog was unrestrained at the time of the accident.

Preparing Your Case

Once we have all the evidence we need, we will start putting it all together. We will focus on proving that the other parties in your case were negligent and are therefore liable for your injuries and damages. Negligence occurs when a person breaches the duty owed to another person by acting irresponsibly. For example:

  • If a drunk person gets behind the wheel and crashes into another vehicle, she has breached a duty to her fellow motorists to follow all traffic laws and operate her vehicle safely.
  • A car turning left fails to accurately survey the intersection and turns in front of a motorcycle, causing a crash. By failing to survey the intersection, the driver has behaved negligently and might be liable for any injuries the rider suffers.

In addition to proving that the parties were negligent, we must prove that their negligence caused your injuries. For example, if the other driver was intoxicated but you caused the crash, you cannot recover compensation. Expert testimony is often helpful for this aspect of the case. A forensic engineer or other scientific expert can testify as to how the accident occurred.
In a car accident, they may have to reconstruct the accident and determine the speed of the vehicles or the visibility at the time of the crash. We may call medical experts to testify to the mechanism of the injuries. They can testify to whether the accident that occurred could cause the types of injuries the victim suffered. They can also testify to what treatments are necessary and what the future looks like for the victim. This is very helpful when putting a value on your damages.

What can I recover?

Once both sides have investigated the accident, you will likely receive a settlement offer. In most cases, it will be much too low. We will ensure it covers all your accident-related expenses. However, before you meet with us, you can get an idea of what the insurer bases your settlement amount on:

  • The severity of your injuries: Certain accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, broken bones, and other severe injuries. Our medical experts, as well as your physicians, will testify regarding your injuries and discuss the treatments you have undergone in the past, as well as future treatments. Many medical treatments are expensive and can drive the total amount of damages way up.
  • The effects on your work life: Many people must miss work because of injuries. You can recover lost wages depending on how much you would have earned had the accident not occurred.
  • Your future ability to work: Despite months of rehabilitation and recovery, many people are unable to return to the jobs they once had after an accident. The court will account for this and award damages for loss of future earning capacity.
  • Whether you were partially at fault for the accident: Contributory negligence laws make it difficult for injured parties to recover the compensation they deserve. Our attorneys will do our best to prove that your accident was the other party’s fault.

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You have a lot on your plate after an accident. In addition to recovering physically, you must deal with the emotional difficulties that come with the recovery process. We can help. Our founder, Jim Parrish, has experience on both sides of the table — as an insurance company lawyer and as a personal injury lawyer. He knows the tricks insurers pull and how to defend against them.
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