Monsanto’s Roundup Lawsuit

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Monsanto, a corporation that’s infamously known for withholding vital information regarding the toxicity of their RoundUp herbicide, is in the midst of a major a class-action lawsuit.

The reason? According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Monsanto’s negligence could have put many lives at risk due to RoundUp’s controversial ingredient list. In short, Monsanto’s RoundUp product has been potentially linked to thousands of cancer cases across the globe.

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Why is Monsanto’s RoundUp so Dangerous?

RoundUp contains an ingredient called glyphosate. In small doses the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers glyphosate a low-toxicity, Group E chemical; however, with greater and more long-term exposure, those whose occupation it is to utilize this herbicide regularly could have been exposed to greater toxic effects of glyphosate. Research has found that the combination of ingredients found in RoundUp can amplify the toxicity of glyphosate, killing healthy human cells thus causing potentially fatal illnesses.

According to Scientific American, “One specific inert ingredient (these are solvents, preservatives, surfactants and other substances that manufacturers add to pesticides), polyethoxylated tallowamine, or POEA, was more deadly to human embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells than the herbicide itself.”

The research team also found that RoundUp can cause immense harm to those that are pregnant by interfering with hormone development. The effect if this could be birth defects, miscarriage or worse.

While glyphosate may be safe in small doses or for personal use, if individuals are exposed to it long-term (such as farmers and agricultural workers), there is research-backed evidence that it can cause immense harm to human cells. This is primarily due to the mixture of ingredients found in RoundUp, which multiply the toxic effect of glyphosate.

“Many individuals that have been exposed to Monsanto’s RoundUp
have developed non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma over the last 45 years.”

Can RoundUp Cause Cancer?

While many studies have been done since RoundUp’s introduction in 1974, most of those studies have been done by Monsanto or have focused on reasons glyphosate is safe for use rather than the toxicity of the product as a whole. More recent research focusing on RoundUp’s effect on cell damage has found that Monsanto’s “golden product” is not safe for use at all. What’s worse is that public spaces including malls, parks, town centers and even schools use RoundUp regularly to manage their landscaping.

We Can Help You Win

If you have been a victim of Monsanto’s negligence, you’re not alone. In fact, as of March 27, 2019, Monsanto has been found liable for their negligence and was court ordered to pay over $80 million in damages as a result of Edwin Hardeman’s development of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Monsanto has been making billions in profits on farmers’ and agricultural workers’ backs. They convoluted scientific data to make RoundUp seem “safer than table salt.” It’s time to take action against this evil corporate entity.

The Parrish Law Firm takes this case against Monsanto very seriously, and we can provide the legal guidance, expertise and support you need to get the settlement you deserve from health problems due to RoundUp exposure. If you or a loved one has been exposed to Monsanto’s RoundUp product, contact us immediately here or at (571) 229 – 1800 for a free consultation.

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