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Why is James Parrish Working for YOU? – Parrish Law Firm

Why is James Parrish Working for YOU? – Parrish Law Firm -- With insurance companies tricking and scheming, Parrish Law Firm, PLLC works on the "brightside" helping YOU fight their typical tactics in Fairfax, Fauquier, and Prince William counties in Virginia.


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Why is Jim Parrish working for you?

Mark Grimm: Why did you switch Jim? You were in the insurance company, I'm sure you were doing well. And from their perspective, you switched over to the dark side, what made you do it?

Jim Parrish:Well, I like to refer to it as the bright side, because I'm helping people. I grew up in an insurance family. My father was an insurance executive, my brother is an insurance executive, on down the line. And so I'm somewhat of the black sheep of the family. The reason why I switched was because I just saw too many people being taken advantage of. Basically, you know, being shortchanged. So I decided I'm going to help these folks, and I'm going to help them get what they're entitled to.

Mark Grimm: And I imagine from an insurance company's standpoint, I don't imagine they're very happy: "Who do they have for a lawyer? Oh they have Parrish for a lawyer." They know we're gonna have to come up with a decent settlement or we'll wind up in court.

Jim Parrish: Well I actually deal with some of the same adjusters that I used to work with when I was working with the insurance companies, and I call them now, and I say: "Hey Gail, we've got this case, you know that we're not going to fall for the normal tricks and schemes." And so that actually helps, they know that I have their playbook, they know that we won't be taken advantage of, and so we get to the heart of things, and ultimately achieve fair results.

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