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Are You A Good Driver? Let’s Find Out

November 16, 2022 by The Parrish Law Firm

A question that has circulated for as long as there have been drivers is: What makes someone a “good driver”? Some people seem to be in tune with their vehicles, almost having a natural-born talent behind the wheel, while others struggle with even the simplest task such as visiting their closest grocery store. So, what are the differentiators that make a driver a “good” or “safe” driver? While there is no one right answer to that question, there are some qualities that are essential for anyone who wants to be considered a good driver. In this article we will discuss some of those qualities. If you have mastered the below attributes, congratulations – you are less likely to get into a car accident. However, if you do not have all of these qualities, fret not – it’s never too late to learn what it takes to become a better driver, improving your driving skills as you spend more time on the road.

Drive Defensively

Defensive drivers are more aware of their surroundings, keeping a close watch on where the vehicles around them are at all times, picking up on when a vehicle is approaching too quickly or when something feels amiss. Driving defensively is a key skill that allows drivers to react to hazards whenever they arise. Aside from being mindful of other drivers and staying alert, defensive drivers also should avoid tailgating, or following other vehicles too closely. If you’re a serial tailgater, for your own safety and benefit, we recommend practicing patience and avoiding the habit. 

Cut Out Distractions

Responsible drivers practice willpower to avoid distractions. Nowadays with features such as advanced autopilot on most new vehicles, drivers often feel even more empowered to take the backseat while driving, responding to texts and messing with their Spotify queues when they have a mood shift. Do you really want to be risking your safety as well as the safety of others to a single-camera autopilot feature that could malfunction at any moment? Probably not. 

Instead, set up your music and navigation before pulling out onto the road. Put your phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode to silence any notifications that might come through while you are driving. . Avoid rubbernecking, or slowing down to observe what’s going on on the side of the road or at the site of an accident. Finally, avoid eating meals while driving. Food, like phones and radios, can take our attention away from the road. 

In short, avoid multitasking when driving. Remember, no text is worth your life. 

Follow Traffic Laws

This probably sounds like a no-brainer, yet every time we’re on the road, we see drivers cutting others off or speeding 20+ mph over the speed limit (which, by the way, would be considered a reckless driving offense according to the law). Drive the speed limit, make full stops at stop signs, yield when it’s another driver’s right of way and finally, do not get behind the wheel after you’ve just polished off a couple of beers or vodka tonics. 

We hope that by following these simple guidelines, you can help keep yourself and the other drivers on the road safe. If you have been injured in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, call us for a free legal consultation at (571) 229 – 1800. We are here to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

– Jim Parrish, Esquire


About Jim Parrish

Jim Parrish’s vision has always been to bring peace to clients whose lives have been turned upside down by their personal injuries and from dealing with unscrupulous insurance companies. With over 20 years of personal injury experience, as well as prior experience working with the insurance companies, Jim is well versed in the tricky ways that insurance companies try to scheme their way out of paying damages to deserving injured persons. 

For the first several years of his career, Jim Parrish worked for, provided advice to and represented insurance companies in claims across the nation. However, after seeing the injustice of good people being deprived of fair and reasonable payment for life-changing injuries and damage, Jim decided to use the skills and knowledge he learned from inside the insurance industry to champion the rights of victims of harm and wrongdoing. 

Jim’s practice is exclusively limited to personal injury matters arising from car/motorcycle/trucking accidents, dog attacks, products liability, and more.

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