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Chesapeake, VA Dog Released On $2,500 Bail

May 23, 2012 by The Parrish Law Firm

A dog with a violent history has been released on $2,500 bond on Tuesday, May 22nd, from Animal Services in Chesapeake, VA, reports PilotOnline.com.

The 150-pound, 2-year-old St. Bernard named Alchemy, who has bitten several people in the past, will reside in Knotts Island, N.C., at an animal sanctuary until his trial on June 21st in Chesapeake. The dog’s pro bono lawyer, Rosenthal, promised that Alchemy would make it back for his trial.

The trial will determine if the dog is dangerous, and if Rosenthal fails to present the dog in court, he’s liable for the money and could face potential jail time.

The dog’s owner, Kenneth Stubbs and Animal Control officers report that Alchemy has attacked and bitten 5 people, including at Maryland woman, three Winchester, VA kennel employees, and a foster parent in Chesapeake.

The judge who released the dog on bond, General District Judge Timothy S. Wright, had never heard of such a thing but was convinced that it is the right move.

We will keep you updated as this strange story develops.

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