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Dangerous Dog And Multiple Attacks Spur Controversy In Newport News

June 5, 2012 by The Parrish Law Firm

Newport News, VA – June 4 – A dark-colored husky mix named Leo has raised safety concerns in Robinson Terrace neighborhood after attacking multiple people.

The first attack allegedly happened in 2007 when Leo bit an infant child, reports dailypress.com.

The boy’s mother, Kathy L. Sarvis, said he suffered “bodily injuries, both permanent and nonpermanent in nature, which have affected the [boy’s] health; disfigurement and/or deformity coupled with associated humiliation and embarrassment.”

In November of this year, the dog attacked one of the neighbors, Paula Sydow, causing her to receive six stitches in her cheek.

According to Sydow, Leo had escaped and ventured into her backyard, at which time she attempted to leash him and bring him back to his owners. It was then that she was attacked.

In January, the Newport News General District Court ruled that the dog was dangerous and needed to be euthanized.

Its owners, Nancy and James Bollman, claimed Leo was not vicious and have spent more than $10,000 and built a six-foot fence and a pen in the backyard in order to keep him.

After being kept for five months at the Peninsula Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Leo was released back to the Bollmans, again with reports of viciousness.

For now, the Bollmans are allowed to keep him under “strict conditions” and are required to purchase a special “dangerous dog” license and keep him in a muzzle at all times while he is outside.

If Leo escapes again, the Bollmans are at risk of receiving misdemeanor charges and felony charges if he bites anyone else.

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