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Making Virginia Depositions Your Secret Weapon: A Closer Look

January 29, 2013 by The Parrish Law Firm

Depositions can be a lawyer’s secret weapon. When done properly, depositions can push a case to settlement and be of great help as we prepare for trial. They can lay the foundation of our claims, and can work to make or break our case.

Here are a few things we’ll do to make sure that our dispositions help to push us over the edge in the hopes of getting the compensation you deserve.

  • We’ll determine the goal of disposition.

All too often, lawyers are unsure of exactly what it is they want from deposition. Fundamentally, we are looking to see what a witness knows; but more importantly, we are trying to extract specific information from them that works to help our case.

Whether it’s a witness to be deposed for damages, liability, or causation, or trying to establish a duty, or simple fact-searching, we’re looking to steer the questioning in the direction that gives us the facts we need to move the case forward.

  • We’ll take a break.

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but people fail to understand how strenuous depositions can be. They are not marathons, and it’s better to take some time to re-evaluate your approach than to push a tricky witness or continue to ask dense, complicated questions. We’ll take this opportunity to reorganize, and to give the witness some time to clear their head, and perhaps consult with their own attorney. If this is the case, we’ll begin the next question with the phrase, “After conferencing with your attorney…”

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