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Poetic Sussex, UK Seatbelt Safety Video Spreads Important Message

January 17, 2013 by The Parrish Law Firm

A new video released by a group in the United Kingdom called The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) is drawing attention for its powerful message advocating seatbelt safety.

The video, titled Embrace Life – Always Wear Your Seatbelt, shows a young father sitting in a chair in the center of a living room, simulating driving a car. His foot presses an imaginary accelerator; his hand changes gears with an imaginary gearshift. All the while, his wife and young daughter watch him happily from the couch.

Soon after the father and daughter exchange a meaningful look, the father returns his eyes to the “road” and his expression changes from one of love to horror. It’s clear he is about to hit something. The daughter looks on in panic as her father swerves the imaginary steering wheel. The mother and daughter quickly get on their feet and move to embrace the man; the daughter putting her hands around her father’s waist and the mother placing hers diagonally across her husband’s chest and interlocking her fingers.

Just as the two women do so, the man is thrown forward, held in place only by the hands of his daughter and wife which form a seatbelt. A small table flies forwards, along with a dinner plate holding thousands of pieces of glitter that in turn litter the air (serving as pieces of glass from a broken windshield). The man, however, remains secure and falls back into his seat, his arms around his wife and daughter.

Obviously, my clumsy words cannot do this beautiful video justice, so just go watch it on Youtube.

The video serves as a poetic reminder that one click of a seatbelt can really save your life, and if you don’t value your own life enough to do it, think of your family and friends instead and do it for them.

In other words, embrace life.

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