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Virginia Therapist Gary Hankins Accused of Sex With Teen Client

November 13, 2014 by The Parrish Law Firm

Virginia therapist Gary Hankins was indicted by a grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia. He is accused of having sex with a teenage boy at his office.

Hankins indictment on Monday consisted of six counts of “taking indecent liberties with a child by a person in custodial or supervisory relationship.” Each count of indecent liberties is a Class 6 felony, punishable by a maximum penalty of five years in the penitentiary.

Hankins worked as a licensed Clinical Social Worker with the practice Counseling and Forensic Services, who have offices located in Alexandria, Woodbridge, Leesburg and Warrenton.

The juvenile’s parents contacted police in May when they discovered sexually suggestive texts on their son’s phone that appeared to come from his therapist, Gary Hankins. The texts contained statements like: “U did not have to go there! So that means toms is hotter than u?” and “Does it make you excited waiting to know? R u playing with yourself?”

The targeted teenager informed investigators that he had sex with the therapist at the Alexandria office and that Hankins had also shown him naked photos of himself on his computer.

A search warrant was issued to seize Hankins’ phone and laptop.

Crystal Nosal of Alexandria Police stated that “We always take any allegations where the suspect is in a position of authority to the victim very seriously”.

Hankins is no longer on the Counseling and Forensic Services staff list.

There is a tremendous impact child sexual abuse has on the economy and social fabric of our society. Child sexual abuse is at the core root of many societal problems. If we examine each of the common individual consequences of child sexual abuse in light of the prevalence rate, we can clearly see how child sexual abuse has ramifications that can impact each and every one of us.

FACT: Child sexual abuse plays an important role in the cost of mental health services.

The direct cost of mental health is more than $97 billion annually in 2010 dollars (Mark, et. al., 1998). Indirect costs add another $110 billion or more annually in 2010 dollars (Rice & Miller, 1996). If child sexual abuse victims have a doubled risk for mental health conditions (Rohde, et. al., 2008; Dube,et. al., 2005; Waldrop, et. al., 2007; Day, et. al., 2003; Kendler, et. al., 2000; Voeltanz, et. al., 1999), logic suggests that child sexual abuse is responsible for annual mental health costs of at least $20 billion.

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