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NEVER Tell Your Insurance Company These 3 Things

March 22, 2021 by The Parrish Law Firm

Car accidents suck, but you know what makes it even worse? Dealing with the insurance agency. Now-a-days every word you say to your insurance claims adjuster is closely monitored so it can be used against you later. Remember, the insurance agency is constantly looking for ways to pay you as little as possible for your claim. The best thing you can do before you contact the adverse insurance agency is to choose a car accident injury lawyer, who can advise you prior to the call. (Unsure who to pick? Contact us to learn more and to get a free car accident preparedness kit sent to your home!). The second best thing you can do is read this article so you can avoid saying something you will later regret.

Here are the top 3 things you need to avoid saying to the other driver’s insurance company:

1. Discussing Your Injuries

Making definitive statements about your health puts future you in a terrible position. You may feel fine after an accident, but once the adrenaline wears off you may realize you’ve been pretty battered. If you tell the insurance agent that you’re feeling okay before the adrenaline wears off, the insurance company may argue that your injuries are more minor than they really are. It is most beneficial to avoid saying anything about your injuries. You can let your adjustor know that you will consult your doctor and follow up with the adjustor to provide details after the fact. Before contacting the adjustor with your injuries, consult with your car accident lawyer so they can help you understand to disclose only necessary information to the adjustor. 

2. Recorded Statements

It is well within your rights to refuse to provide the adverse insurance company with a recorded statement. A recorded statement will only benefit the insurance agency when they try to minimize your payout as much as possible. Trust us, insurance companies use recorded statements against those they insure all the time. Instead be sure to take meticulous notes of everything you discuss with your claims adjustor to share with your injury lawyer so he or she may better prepare to help you.

3. Admitting Fault

Never should you under any circumstance claim that the accident was your fault. Do not apologize, admit guilt or use apologetic language. Instead focus on the fast, hard facts. The insurance company will engage their own investigation. If you take the blame prior to their investigation, the insurance adjustor will have even more reason to provide you with minimal compensation or none at all. Even if you are at fault, it is better to let the investigation prove that than for you to admit it yourself. The reason for this is because there may be other variables that contributed to your accident — you may just be unaware of these factors. 

As mentioned above, it is wise to have a car accident lawyer’s information on hand. We recommend keeping your lawyer’s contact information in your glovebox. If you do not have a car accident lawyer, contact us today at marketing@theparrishlawfirm.com to learn more about the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC. We will also send you our car accident preparedness kit free of charge! 

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, we can help. Parrish Law Firm helps victims recover compensation for their vehicle-related injuries. To schedule a no-cost consultation and claim review, call 571-229-1800 or contact us here.

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