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Which Home Security System Should You Get? Comparing SimpliSafe vs. Ring

November 18, 2019 by The Parrish Law Firm

There are 4 burglaries every minute in America. In this day and age, one cannot be too careful when it comes to securing your home and keeping your family safe. An example of a reason for the increasing need for home security is that as I type this Fairfax County police are on the hunt for an African American male in his 20s going home-to-home seeking unlocked cars and house doors to burglarize. Scary stuff! But, there are many things we can do to increase our safety. Today we want to focus in on affordable, well designed and technologically advanced security system options available to us: SimpliSafe & Ring. 

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What Both Ring & SimpliSafe Offer

For starters, both SimpliSafe and Ring are DIY (“do-it-yourself”) security systems. This not only helps minimize the introduction cost, but also makes them easy to install. Gone are the days where you need a professional to wire security systems to function — the world has moved onto wireless systems so a simple wire cut doesn’t make us sitting ducks in our own homes. Both of these systems can be installed within the hour. Both security systems also offer indoor and outdoor surveillance that is run by third party surveillance professionals 24/7. Both systems are contract free, further reducing the cost of barrier to get started. 

As we mentioned, these systems are designed with modern day technology in mind. This means you can link your security system to your smartphones and or tablets to arm, disarm and monitor your home. The mobile apps for these systems are very user friendly for users both young and elderly. You can also add on to the systems whenever you’d like — adding additional gadgets to the systems is as easy as building with legos.

Where SimpliSafe Excels

SimpliSafe offers a wider variety of options when it comes to tools and gadgets for home monitoring. Ring is pretty minimalist, providing only the necessities. SimpliSafe offers broken glass detectors, a panic button, key fobs and a siren to ward off unexpected visitors. 

Why Ring Is An Overall Better Choice

While SimpliSafe offers some great add-on products, they also have a significantly higher cost. In fact, Ring offers you pretty much the same protection for less than half the cost of SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe requires professional monitoring, making the monthly cost another consideration for buyers. Ring allows you the option to monitor your home yourself, saving you any monthly fees. If you do decide to purchase professional monitoring, Ring’s monthly fee is $10 or $100 for the year if paid upfront. SimpliSafe’s monthly cost is $14.99/month for their most basic package, but for the works you’ll shell out $24.99/month. Ring also stores all video monitoring for 60 days in the cloud, whereas SimpliSafe stores video footage for a maximum of 30 days. Finally, Ring offers additional gadgets and services through their partnership with ADT, a seasoned and trusted security system provider. 

As you can see, Ring is the better choice overall; however, if you have children or elderly people in your home, you may want to consider SimpliSafe due to their siren add-on device. You can purchase Ring at www.ring.com or on www.amazon.com. You can purchase SimpliSafe at www.simplisafe.com.

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