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Dog Bite Questions

Dog Bite Q & A

If you've been attacked by a animal call our dog bite injury attorneys now for help.

Dog Bite Questions

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Dog Bites

What are the most common dog breeds that bite and attack people?

Rottweilers, pitbulls, doberman pinschers, German Shepard, and are responsible for more than 2/3 of the attacks on people.

What should I do after I’ve been bitten and attacked by a dog?

The first thing you should do is seek medical treatment if it’s needed. Also, make sure that you report this dog bite or attack to the appropriate authorities. One, you want to make sure there is a written record of what occurred. And also you need to establish a record against that animal because you don’t want that animal doing this type of thing to someone else.

Who is going to pay for the medical bills that have been caused by my dog bite?

In these cases, homeowner’s insurance for the dog owner will pay those bills if you can prove that the dog owner was negligent in handling their dog. Lots of times negligence means that a dog has escaped the owner’s property, or the owner has failed to take proper precautions to shield you from contact with that dog such as when they’re walking that dog on public sidewalks or highways.

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