How to Get a Car Accident Report in Virginia

To get a car accident report in Virginia: 

  • You need to fill out a CRD 93 form. This document asks for basic information, including your name, Social Security number, and the reason for your request. 
  • Then, you can submit your request either through mail, fax, or a service center. You’ll need to include $8.00 per for each copy you’re requesting. 

When you partner with a car accident lawyer, you don’t have to worry about procuring this evidence on your own. Not only can they get a car accident report, but they can also file your claim, negotiate a settlement, and pursue your injury-related losses. 

Only Certain People Can Request Car Accident Reports in Virginia

According to Code of Virginia § 46.2-380, only these people can request a report following a car accident: 

  • The involved drivers
  • Any involved passengers
  • Anyone injured in the collision 
  • A personal representative of a decedent or incapacitated party 
  • The attorney of any person injured or involved in the collision 
  • An insurance company representative 
  • The parent or legal guardian of anyone under 18 who was injured or passed away 

What If the Police didn’t Come to the Accident Scene?

Per Code of Virginia § 46.2-894, you’re required to call the police after an accident if: 

  • Someone suffered injuries.
  • Someone passed away. 
  • There was property damage exceeding $1,500. 

Yet, you might not have called the police–or they might not have come to the scene. In this instance, you generally have 24 hours to report the incident to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

Even if this time has elapsed, you should still notify the DMV about the collision. This way, you can tie your injuries to the crash itself.  

Why You Should Get a Copy of the Accident Report After Your Virginia Collision

To file a successful car accident claim, you don’t necessarily need a copy of the accident report. However, having this document can promote a smooth claims process. 

The accident report will contain these details: 

  • Whether anyone suffered harm or passed away 
  • Whether any vehicle suffered damage 
  • The time, location, and date of the crash 
  • The names and contact information of the involved parties 
  • The vehicles’ makes, models, and license plate numbers 

Each of these details can build your case. They can also help your lawyer determine how your accident happened and who is liable. 

Other Evidence Can Support Your Case After a Car Accident

After a crash, the police report only tells one part of the story. You’ll need other information to file a successful claim or lawsuit. If you don’t work with an attorney, you’ll be solely responsible for gathering evidence. 

Yet, when you partner with our team, we will collect all the evidence your case requires, including: 

Witness Testimony

We can use statements from eyewitnesses, your healthcare team, and accident reconstruction specialists to learn more about your collision. We can even call on these parties to testify in court, if necessary. 

Your Medical Treatment Records

To recover compensation, we must prove that you were injured. With your medical records, we can assert your diagnosis, prognosis, and necessary treatment. We can also make a connection between your injuries and the collision itself. 

Your Damages’ Documentation

Your settlement or court award should account for the full extent of your losses. To help us determine the value of these losses, we will need receipts, billing statements, invoices, and estimates. This will help us determine what constitutes a fair settlement offer. 

Traffic Camera Footage

Many roadways in Virginia have traffic cameras. These devices document speeding vehicles, drivers who disregard traffic lights, and collisions. We can use this footage to learn how your accident happened and who caused it. 

Photos of the Accident Scene and Your Vehicle

A picture tells a thousand words. Photos of the accident scene and your car can reveal: 

  • The points of impact on each car 
  • The makes and models of each car 
  • The location of the crash 
  • The license plate numbers 
  • Any debris or glass on the roadway 

Your Personal Testimony

Your personal testimony holds a lot of weight. By writing down what you remember before, during, and after the collision, we can piece together what happened. We can also use your testimony to determine your pain and suffering. 

Partner with Our Virginia Law Firm on Your Car Accident Case

The Parrish Law Firm, PLLC advocates for car accident claimants in Eastern Virginia. Not only can we get a copy of the police report, but we can also build and manage your case from beginning to end. 

Don’t worry about dealing with uncooperative insurance companies or fighting for what you need. Our car accident lawyers can do that for you. We’re ready to seek compensation for your medical bills and other related expenses. 

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