What Facts Do I Need To Gather After a Car Accident in Virginia?

The facts to gather after a car accident in Virginia include any that show what caused the collision and who is at fault. Also, you will need to compile evidence that shows the injuries you sustained and how that harm affects your life.

The Facts to Gather After A Car Accident in Virginia

Make sure that the police come to the scene to make a report. If no law enforcement officers come and investigate, the people involved in the wreck will likely have different versions of what happened and who is at fault.

If it is safe for you to do so, try to take some photos or video of the accident scene. You might need to use an accident reconstruction expert to help with your injury claim. For example, if the other driver tries to blame you for the crash, an accident reconstruction expert might be able to prove through mathematical computations and scientific principles that the other driver caused the collision.

Additional important facts to gather after a car accident in Virginia are the names, addresses, phone numbers, and automobile insurance information of every driver, regardless of who you think might be at fault. The names and contact information of potential eyewitnesses can also be useful.

Linking Your Injuries to the Accident

We will use your medical records to link your injuries to the accident. It is essential that you seek medical attention right away. If you wait a day or two to seek treatment, the driver who caused the collision can accuse you of getting hurt from some other cause, not the car accident.

Your medical bills and lost wages will be part of the calculation of your damages. We will use your employer’s records to determine the amount of pay that you missed because of the wreck and your recuperation time. If you are self-employed, we can use other documents to establish the value of your case.

Determining Who Is Responsible for the Wreck

Facts are vital to your injury claim because we have to prove all of these elements to hold someone responsible for your losses:

  • Duty of care: The defendant must have owed a duty of care (as outlined in 46.2-894). All drivers have a legal responsibility to operate their vehicles safely and obey the law.
  • Breach of the duty: When someone’s conduct fails to live up to the standard, the person is negligent. For example, driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is illegal, unsafe, and negligent.
  • Causation: The careless act must be the thing that caused the car crash. If alcohol impairment was the reason that the impaired driver collided with another vehicle, the facts satisfy the causation requirement.
  • Measurable damages: You must have quantifiable harm to pursue compensation. If you sustained a physical injury, you met the factor of measurable damages.

Once we establish all of those factors, we can go after compensation for your injuries.

How Injuries From a Car Accident in Virginia Can Impact Your Life

In 2017, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles recorded more than 127,000 car accidents, with more than 65,000 of those accidents resulting in injuries. Every situation is different, but some of the ways that your injuries can affect your life include:

  • Your health and well-being. Some people bounce back from their injuries so well that you might not realize they have ever gotten hurt. Other people sustain harm that leaves them with long-term health problems. For example, a person who suffers a ruptured spleen in a collision might develop an abdominal infection that can cause organ damage.
  • Your ability to support yourself and your family through employment. Many people experience temporary cash flow crunches when they miss work because of car accident injuries. If your injuries render you unable to earn as much money as before, your financial problems can continue for years.
  • Your ability to live independently. If you sustain catastrophic harm like paralysis or brain damage from a spinal cord injury or head trauma, you might need ongoing daily assistance with medical treatments and personal care because of the car accident.

You might experience one or more of these consequences of getting hurt in a car accident in Virginia. Also, your injuries might impact your life in additional ways.

Getting Legal Help for a Car Accident in Virginia

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