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Riding a motorcycle for daily transportation or for pleasure can be a thrilling experience. But, when a motorcycle accident ends in a collision, it can cause devastating injuries, a destroyed motorcycle, and a plethora of injury-related expenses. A Manassas motorcycle accident lawyer can help you catalog your expenses, identify the at-fault driver, assign liability, and build a case for financial compensation.

Do not attempt to value your claim, negotiate an insurance settlement, or collect compensation on your own. Doing so could result in an undervalued settlement offer, which could mean you will be left paying expenses out of your own pocket for a motorcycle accident that was not your fault.

When you are ready to pursue financial compensation for your injuries, lost income, medical bills, and “pain and suffering” and inconvenience, contact the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC at (571) 229-1800. One of our client services team members will help you understand the step-by-step process of pursuing compensation from the at-fault driver.

Start Building Your Personal Injury Claim With a Crash Report

A crash report is an important building block of your compensation claim. In Manassas, filing a report is mandatory, according to Code of Virginia § 46.2-894, which obligates you to file a report under any of these conditions:

  • A passenger or driver of either vehicle is killed
  • A passenger or driver of either vehicle is injured
  • The accident involves an unattended vehicle
  • Either vehicle sustains obvious damaged

Stop your vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so and (unless emergency medical aid is needed) move both vehicles to a safe area and call the police immediately. Your lawyer can help you obtain a copy of the crash report, which can contain important information that supports your version of events and your insurance claim. The report can tell your lawyer and the at-fault driver’s insurance company:

  • The exact date, time, and location of the accident
  • The road and weather conditions at the time of the accident
  • Names and contact information of witnesses to the accident
  • The points of impact and amount of damage each vehicle sustained

Call the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC at (571) 229-1800 to speak to a team member who can help you obtain a copy of the crash report and other important documents that support your claim for compensation.

Follow a Crash Report With a Phone Call to a Law Firm

A crash report will capture on-site details of the accident. After a crash report has been filed and your injuries have been treated, you should make two important phone calls. Call your insurance company to report the accident. You should also call a local law firm to report the accident.

A local Manassas motorcycle accident lawyer can help you determine your next steps toward recovering compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. If the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured, you may need to seek additional coverage from your own insurance carrier if you have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage included in your policy. Don’t worry if you understand those terms. It is ok, the Parrish Law Firm will explain them fully.

We Can Calculate Your Economic and Non-Economic Losses

Economic expenses for which you can receive compensation include medical bills, payment for necessary in-home care during your recuperation, and income you lose when your injuries do not allow you to return to work for any length of time.

You can also pursue compensation for assistive medical devices (including crutches, canes, in-home hospital beds) and any other devices your physician deems necessary to support your recovery. You might also require adaptive equipment to help you live with temporary or lifelong debilitating or disfiguring injuries caused by the accident.

Recoverable Non-Economic Losses

Non-economic expenses are also covered in a claim for financial compensation after a motorcycle accident. These expenses can include your “pain and suffering” and inconvenience, mental and emotional trauma, and permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Your lawyer can help you value each portion of your claim and negotiate an insurance settlement that covers both types of losses.

File Your Claim as Soon as Possible

Your time to file a lawsuit for financial recovery is limited to Virginia’s statute of limitations. A lawyer near you can help you define and meet this critical timeline. A personal injury claim may end with an insurance settlement, rather than in court. It is still important that you negotiate your settlement quickly. You may want to retain a lawyer to help you do so.

Do not be tempted to accept the first speedy settlement offer that is made by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Your lawyer can help negotiate a favorable settlement and seek a settlement that covers every aspect of your injuries, does not cost you anything out of pocket, and is filed on time.

Take Action Today By Calling the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC

Do not allow a motorcycle accident you did not cause to create financial hardship for you and your family. The at-fault driver and their insurance carrier should pay the medical bills and other costs of the accident, not you. A Manassas motorcycle accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation.

The Parrish Law Firm, PLLC is here to help you get the financial recovery you may be entitled to after a motorcycle accident in Manassas. After your injuries are treated, contact a member of the client care team right away at (571) 229-1800 to start the process. We can begin working today if you call right away. You have nothing to lose, as we work on a contingency-fee basis. If you lost a loved one to a motorcycle accident, we may be able to help you pursue damages through the Code of Virginia § 8.01-244.

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