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5 Tips for Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

November 24, 2014 by The Parrish Law Firm

According to the U.S Department of Justice, personal injury trials comprised nearly 60 percent of tort, contract, and real property trials nationwide in 2005, and that number has only continued to grow. If you were injured by another party’s neglect or willful misconduct, you should seek advice from an attorney that specializes in personal injury law. The Parrish Law Firm and Jim Parrish work hard to obtain settlements on their clients’ behalf in all types of injury/accident cases in Virginia. When looking for the right attorney to handle your case, you should follow the following tips to insure that your individual case is handled properly and professionally.

  1. Experience: Make sure you hire an attorney that is experienced in personal injury law in your state. Inquire about the number of years he/she has been a personal injury lawyer. How many cases have they won? Experience and approach are important qualities, but a proven record of success will demonstrate his/her effectiveness in producing favorable results.
  2. Look for an attorney that has the capacity to be versatile. It is important to hire a lawyer that will be able to deal with other professionals involved in the case. This can include doctors, medical personnel, employers, and other attorneys, to name a few. A good lawyer will have honest, professional, and friendly behavior. You should be able to ascertain many of these when meeting with them for the first time. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to ask for references from former clients.
  3. The firm you hire should also employ the services of their own team of investigators. This will help when it comes to gathering information regarding your case. It will be essential for building a strong, solid claim.
  4. Beware of ambulance chasers. We have all seen them, if not in person, then in our living room on the television, talking about how they can get you the “cash you deserve”. These lawyers are often less than scrupulous. They profit from high turnover, so if your case is more involved and will take longer to settle, you will likely end up on their back burner. Hiring them is up to you, if you are looking for a quick settlement and willing to accept less than what your case is worth, they may be your answer.
  5. Hire a lawyer that will take your case on a contingency fee basis. Most personal injury attorneys already practice this method of payment. However, it is necessary that you get it in writing. A contingency basis means that the attorney will not be paid unless and until you get your money. That way the money comes directly out of your settlement check. Typically, a personal injury lawyer will charge approximately 33%. Make sure you are clear about the terms of payment before you retain an attorney.

Contact and interview a personal injury attorney as soon as you can. Do not speak to any insurance representatives or make statements regarding your case, as doing so could affect the outcome and void an attempt to recover damages. A good lawyer will protect your rights, preserve evidence, and make sure filing deadlines are observed. The Parrish Law Firm is located in Manassas and Fairfax, Virginia is a full service team of legal support that can assist you in dealing with insurance companies and claims, court cases, medical bills, and all other aspects of a personal injury case. With knowledge and foresight, The Parrish Law Firm will fight for your rights and will stand beside you every step of the way, from filing to the final decree.

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