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Family of Electrocuted Chesapeake Boy Receives $4.675 Million In Settlement

Family of Electrocuted Chesapeake Boy Receives $4.675 Million In Settlement

The family of a Chesapeake, VA boy who was electrocuted as the result of an improperly cut cable in the family’s backyard has won $4.675 million in settlement money, reports

Logan Fray, 7-years-old at the time, was playing in his backyard in March 2010, swinging on a cable that was stapled to a tree. When that cable struck an overhead power line, it sent thousands of volts of electricity through the boy’s body. Logan’s dad, Larry Fray, an emergency medical technician, separated Logan from the cable and tried to talk to his seriously burned son.

The cable was the remnant of an old dish antenna that had been installed in the tree, but the dish was no longer in use. A defunct television company called Hampton Roads Choice had cut the cable improperly at the base, and the family filed a lawsuit alleging that national electrical codes had been broken.

The settlement agreement was reached after more than three years of legal battles, and the Frays will receive about $10.5 million over the course of Logan’s life, as the $4.675 million grows with interest and an increase in the value of the dollar over time. The company that came out of Hampton Roads Choice will pay out $3.5 million, while Dominion Virginia Power, the company that owned the power line Logan hit, and Atrex Inc., the subcontractor who installed and cut the cable hanging from the tree, settled for a combined total of $1.175 million.

Logan is slowly recovering from his injuries. His father’s quick thinking could have saved his life, as Logan started foaming at the mouth after the shock, and screaming in pain waiting for the ambulance to arrive at their home in Deep Creek. Logan was transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital before being transferred to Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters. He was then flown to Cincinnati based Shriners Hospital for Children to be treated for burns.

Logan suffered burns to the majority of his body, including his face, neck, and chest, and underwent three months of surgeries. He also suffered from cataracts caused by the electrical shock, but surgery has left his vision all right. Logan faces unimaginable challenges, but hopefully the settlement money will work to make his life a little bit easier.

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Chesapeake, VA Dog Released On $2,500 Bail – Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog with a violent history has been released on $2,500 bond on Tuesday, May 22nd, from Animal Services in Chesapeake, VA, reports

The 150-pound, 2-year-old St. Bernard named Alchemy, who has bitten several people in the past, will reside in Knotts Island, N.C., at an animal sanctuary until his trial on June 21st in Chesapeake. The dog’s pro bono lawyer, Rosenthal, promised that Alchemy would make it back for his trial.

The trial will determine if the dog is dangerous, and if Rosenthal fails to present the dog in court, he’s liable for the money and could face potential jail time.

The dog’s owner, Kenneth Stubbs and Animal Control officers report that Alchemy has attacked and bitten 5 people, including at Maryland woman, three Winchester, VA kennel employees, and a foster parent in Chesapeake.

The judge who released the dog on bond, General District Judge Timothy S. Wright, had never heard of such a thing but was convinced that it is the right move.

We will keep you updated as this strange story develops.

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Virginia State Officials Work To Improve Bike Safety In Hampton Roads

Bicycle safety in Virginia has been a concern for many people over the past few years and is finally seeing improvements in Hampton Roads.

According to reports by The Virginian-Pilot, state officials are working to improve bike safety in several cities, including Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

In 2009, a “veteran cyclist” was struck and killed on Shore Drive. Last spring, four cyclists were injured in separate crashes, two of them being a “hit and run.”

There are conflicting views between the motorists and bicyclists who share Virginia’s roads.

Motorists claim that cyclists disobey Virginia’s traffic rules by disregarding stop signs and riding in large groups that take up entire lanes. Bicyclists say that drivers run them off the road and that they ride in large groups for their own protection.

To avoid these arguments and improve road safety for all, police have teamed up with Mayor Will Sessoms, as well as two bike organizations, the TriPower Cycling Club and Tidewater Bicycle Association.

Their accomplishments include modifications to 22 miles of roads and added bike lanes to accommodate bicyclists.

On May 9, the Tidewater Bicycle Association is hosting a forum to discuss the biggest challenges for bicycling in Hampton Roads and the next steps to make the region safer. To learn more about their various plans to improve bike safety, you can visit The Virginian-Pilot’s online website.

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