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You’re A Passenger in an Uber Accident — Now What?

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You’re A Passenger in an Uber Accident — Now What?

June 20, 2018 by The Parrish Law Firm

One minute you’re in an Uber on the way to your friend’s birthday brunch, the next minute your driver has gotten into an accident. So what do you do now? Since peer-to-peer ride-hailing companies have been around for only about a decade now, there is still plenty of grey area when it comes to financial responsibilities and liability. The smartest actions you can take following an Uber or Lyft accident are these three steps:

First, as is the case for all car accidents, check for injuries. If injuries are present, call 9-1-1 or visit the hospital to get your injuries checked out (yes, even if they’re not that serious).

Second, Call the police to file a report.

Third, gather as much intel as you can. This includes:

  • the Uber driver’s information
  • the other involved parties driver’s license information
  • take photos of the vehicle damage*
  • gather insurance information from your Uber driver and the other involved party
  • contact details of bystanders that may have witnessed the accident

The purpose of gathering as much information as possible is so when your driver or the other involved party’s insurance company begins asking questions, you or your attorney have evidence to back your case. If neither the ride-hailing driver or the other party’s insurance cover your injuries fully, Uber and Lyft have insurance policies in place as a last resort to ensure their passengers are taken care of.

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