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Prince William Doctor Samad Oraee Arrested in Narcotics Investigation – Prescription Fraud

July 22, 2014 by The Parrish Law Firm

Dr. Samad Oraee, 53 of Mclean, Virginia was arrested on Tuesday, July 15 at his practice on Old Bridge Road in Woodbridge. Uniformed officers and masked undercover detectives entered the Neurological Center of Northern Virginia and arrested Dr. Samad Oraee for allegedly helping to get narcotics onto the streets of Prince William County.

Dr. Oraee, who was released on bond later that same Tuesday, did not respond to requests for comment on Wednesday, July 16th.

Dr. Oraee previously achieved notoriety by losing a medical malpractice suit that involved the death of a patient in 2003. This case was used to set a legal precedent in Virginia for how doctors may be held liable for failing to read test results that have been ordered by other doctors.

Prince William Counties Drug Task Force has been focusing on finding the sources of prescription pain pills that are finding their way onto the streets. It is thought that a main source are doctors who are willing to write unnecessary prescriptions or to prescribe more pills than needed so that excess can be sold on the streets.

Dr. Oraee was charged with two counts of prescription fraud. Authorities said that he also wrote prescriptions for pain medications without properly performing necessary medical exams.

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