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A car accident has the potential to affect every part of your life. No matter who is behind the wheel of the other vehicle, you may suffer substantial injuries that result in:

  • Expensive medical bills
  • Damage to your mental wellbeing
  • Affected ability to earn a living

People who are earning a living by delivering food are no less liable for any damage that results from their poor driving. These people have the same obligations as all other motorists to keep you safe on the road. However, an at-fault driver’s status as either an employee or an independent contractor can have a major impact on your case.

A Fairfax food order delivery car accident lawyer can help to pursue your case for the compensation that you deserve. We can work to evaluate the legal status of the other driver, gather evidence that proves fault, and seek out appropriate payments for your losses.

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Proving Fault After a Car Accident

An essential part of any car accident claim is demonstrating that the other driver was to blame for the accident. This applies regardless of whether the driver was behind the wheel of their own vehicle or was operating an employer-owned car. A car accident lawyer in Fairfax County can help with your case by analyzing the evidence and even hiring accident reconstruction experts. In some cases, establishing liability is not easy, so you need an attorney by your side every step of the way.

All drivers must take care to follow the rules of the road in order to prevent accidents. Your accident may have been due to:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Failing to stop at a red light or stop sign
  • Failures to yield
  • Driving while drunk or high

A lawyer could help gather evidence necessary to prove that the delivery driver was at fault. We can work to obtain a police report, visit the scene of the accident to take pictures and video, and speak to third-party witnesses to form a complete profile of the facts that led to the collision.

Timing is a key element of every car accident case. According to Code of Virginia §8.01-243, you may have as little as two years after the date of the crash to demand payment in court. Reach out to the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC immediately to let us get to work for you.

The Other Driver’s Employer May Be Liable for Your Injuries as Well

It is important to remember that a driver’s status as an employee will have a major effect on your claim for damages. Drivers are almost always personally responsible for their actions behind the wheel. If they are at fault for an accident, they are liable to provide compensation.

However, if the driver was an employee at the time of the collision, the employer may also be responsible to provide payment. This is because legal doctrine says that employers who place drivers on the road share liability for negligent acts of those drivers that result in personal injuries.

For example, a food delivery driver in Fairfax may work delivering pizzas for a local Italian restaurant. If that driver is responsible for a collision, both that driver and the restaurant may share liability. A Fairfax food order delivery car accident lawyer can help to establish that the at-fault driver was on the clock at the time of the crash.

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When a Driver Acts as an Independent Contractor

The rise of food delivery services has created opportunities for people to work delivering food without a tie to a specific employer. This provides great flexibility for drivers to work on their own schedules, gathering orders from multiple restaurants.

However, food delivery companies often employ their drivers as independent contractors. As applied to a car crash case, this allows a food delivery company to avoid sharing liability after an accident.

As a result, these drivers are the solely liable parties for their actions which lead to collisions. The legal team at the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC can work to determine the legal status of the at-fault driver. We can demand compensation from all potentially liable parties.

We Can Help You to Obtain the Necessary Compensation

Regardless of the other driver’s status as an employee or independent contractor, their poor driving may still lead to life-altering injuries. Car crashes at even a few miles per hour have the potential to inflict severe physical losses.

These injuries may necessitate an ambulance trip to the emergency room, invasive surgery, time spent in the hospital, and lengthy physical rehabilitation. A Fairfax food order delivery car accident lawyer can help to calculate these costs and demand full payment from all liable parties for you.

In addition, many claims for damages seek compensation for non-economic losses. Payments for “pain and suffering” and inconvenience, mental anguish, and emotional trauma can form a significant portion of a case. We can work to determine how the accident has affected your emotional wellbeing and demand fair payment for any reduced quality of your life.

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Food delivery drivers have an obligation to obey the rules of the road and not place you in harm’s way. Sadly, many drivers fail in this responsibility. The resulting injuries that your accident caused may affect every part of your life.

A Fairfax food order delivery car accident lawyer can help you to pursue your claim for fair compensation. This includes identifying all potential defendants, gathering evidence of driver fault, and filing claims and cases for proper compensation. Contact the Parrish Law Firm, PLLC today at (571) 229-1800 for your free consultation.

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